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Rible menawarkan bodywork berkualitas tinggi untuk skuter seperti FORZA, MAXAM, SKYWAVE, dan masih banyak lagi. Fairing produksi Rible memiliki desain yang unik dan tiada duanya.

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I wanted Titanium coat, but I can not get it already.
It will be good with Light smoke because the Center part weathers and turns into bald bald either way.
It is cheap ...
Detail is complaint, but RubberBushing (Mounting Nut) I did not belong so I made it myself.
Titanium coat⇒Light smoke A little Elegant falls, but there is no discomfort.

Attach Bikini cowl to CB 223S
It is installed in Cowl.
Using the same for Manufacturer on other vehicles
Because the durability was good, I installed two for the mouth,
The junction of Body was separated in about 3000 runs.
It repaired with adhesive, reinforced with Aluminum Tape.
I think that countermeasures are necessary for Motorcycle with many single cylinder vibrations.
Because it's user-friendly, we are preliminarily stocking the same product.

Nowadays it is a smartphone or Navigationetc. Small Type electrical appliances are indispensable for Touring, so charging countermeasures are required for Motorcycle. It is good if only Cigar plug is available, but it is considerably saved if USB plug is available! Although this product comes with both, it is kind that only USBPlug has Waterproof Cap that can be used even in rainy weather. However, since the USB consumes electric power even though it is not connected, it is necessary to connect to Wiring where electricity comes on by key ON, or to turn ON and OFF switches. In addition, although this product has purchased more than 10 till now, why USB only, it will be broken immediately. It surely breaks within one year. If it can solve these two points, it is 100 points perfect score ...

Sumaho etc. It is essential for taking out the power of. It also has a lid that prevents dust and invasion of water and is easy to use. The included Power Cord is also long, with Fuse attached so you can install it immediately. It is kind that the WaterproofRubber that can be used even in the rain only part of the USB is attached. The difficulty has been using more than 10 pieces each time Motorcycle is replaced, but within 70% of them has failed within 1 Season installed and became unusable. Also, the USB power supply part consumes a small amount of electricity even if it is not connected. Therefore, in case of taking out directly from Battery, it is necessary to attach Switch or connect to Wiring where electricity flows with IgnitionON. Evaluation will go up as the failure rate of USB goes down, so it is only a drawback.

There is no discontent at this price with 12 V Cigar socket and usb terminal.
Because Waterproof power supply adapter is attached, it does not seem to worry even in the rain.

Battery I bought it because I wanted to periodically check the voltage to the machine after replacing. It is good to know the condition at a glance with the LED Lamp.

I installed it in MAJESTY 125. Material : Waterproof measures are taken with Cover in Rubber's Cap. Although it is still strong against the market, it seems to become weak when used for a long time and is a little worried. The use feeling is useful as a power source of NAVI, smartphone, music player without problems.

I think that this product can be used safely with Motorcycle for Waterproof.
Also, because it has a power supply of Socket and USB
You can use smartphones, Navigation and Radar detectors at the same time.