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RSD Roland Sands Design

RSD Roland Sands Design mewujudkan ide menjadi nyata. RSD Roland Sands Design menggabungkan, memodifikasi dan menciptakan paduan yang unik antara seni, motor, produk, desain, dan inspirasi. Sparepart, aksesoris dan perlengkapan balap RSD Roland Sands Design memiliki reputasi tinggi di Amerika Serikat.

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Harley's OEMGrip feels thick and cheap, but it's easy to grip when you install this item, it's a good looking while looking down.

Installation can be done easily without difficulty.

There is only a famous Manufacturer's RSD and it's solid..

The feeling of use is also very good, it became thinner than the OEM and it got easier to grip.

I am satisfied with better appearance.

Because this KitBrake line needs to be replaced, it can not be installed as it is.
Inquiries before purchase, no explanation from Manufacturer.
"What parts are necessary for replacing the Brake line?" For inquiries about the attached English text
I just did not talk about sending manuals in PDF.
Selling agency (Import source) I want you to explain the item properly.
I am returning because it is annoying that it is troublesome to investigate myself after all.
(We are sorry by Big)

Harley's Lever is honestly thick by American size and somewhat inconvenient, but this lever is slender and can be adjusted so very chic.
It was very easy to install. It also comes with a manual with photographs of alphabet, but there was nothing to see especially.
I feel that the texture is gorgeous in Chrome and I think that it contributes to the operation feeling. We are satisfied with the price at reasonable price.
Only, it was the best if the adjustment range was a little more.

I installed it in the 2008 formula vrscdVRSCDX.
Throttle Cable, Front brake hose can be handled by handling without having to change it to short one.

Although it can be said to HarleyOEM as well as other foreign company products, Screwetc. The quality is bad and it is easy to lick, so it is a caution.
We can not adjust common Sauce angle, but I think that Separate handle that can be used for V-rod is only real.
Height is 182 cm, Mid control - There is no hindrance to driving in both Four Con. If the body is long, I think Large is strong.

Because there was Timing to remove the vicinity of Bell Cover, I tried buying it as Custom because I was impatient.

As expected is the product of Roland Sands Design.
Anyway, it is cool.
It's just Bell Cover, so it just looks different,
I was very close to the car body and the Custom feeling was up.
It is favorite..

My Motorcycle had thought that we wanted to replace it since the head cover is dull shiny with Aluminum.

Mr. Webike was the cheaper than other Shop and I bought it.

I think that it is a handy commodity that you can exchange relatively easily, Custom feel up..

There is a satisfaction feeling that the design and the incorporation are solid as well.

However, I wonder if the price is a bit expensive...

NORMAL's BeltGuard is bad Parenthesis so replace it with USPulley Timing and buy it with Cost performance and looks.

Installation is easy if there are tools.

However, it was wearing a mileage less than 2,000 kilometers, at high speeds and 180 kilometers away from home, BeltGuard's near side Tandem Footpeg, the upper part of the part to hold Bolt was cut cleanly.
Fortunately, since the companion who was traveling behind noticed, I could get home safely by tying it to the car body like a rope on the Punching part, but flew away to the other vehicle or tangled with the car on the highway Large I think that it was made strange.

At a later date, I brought it to the Motorcycle shop who was always indebted and Argon welded and I was able to use it as it was painted while increasing the strength of that part.
Motorcycle shop says that at that time my vehicle was exchanging the Exhaust System & Air cleaner shortly before InjectionTuning, so the tremors got lumpy and the shape of the place where the material was sliced ??thinly is cornering With cause ... I heard that there was a similar case in this product in addition to this.

If you pay attention to that point, it is Stylish and I think that it is good for lightening, so can I recommend ....