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Rumble Concept

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Since it contains a name, it seems to be OEM Product, and the texture is not bad.
I think that it is an essential item for the forward lean Motorcycle.
Since it is just installed, performance evaluation is avoided but installation is easy.

Prevent Wound to Tank & Purchase for Custom.
Design is pretty Parenthesis good, but I wonder if the price is a bit expensive...
Tank Pad In general it is possible to say cleanly but Large strange, some amateur because Gap is amateur (Lol)

Since we have plenty of color variations and can choose according to the car body, we decided on this product.
There is no problem in terms of functioning.
However, it is appreciated if the price is a bit cheaper

I started riding in winter
It may be a bit difficult to stick in cold weather
I could stick it safely, but
Because it is connected in the middle
Although it is very good as a protective effect, there was some difficulty sticking
, But it is very pleasing to have a special item for our child who is not that much MAJOR

BMW's Blue (LupinBlue) It is slightly different in color, so I think that I do not care as Accent separately
Please be careful who wants to match the color

We purchased it for the purpose of preventing Wound to Tank but because Size is small and small, it is impossible to prevent Wound around the thigh.
This was prevented because Key Holder hit Tank when opening Tank's Gasoline cap.
Design is somewhat for young people

This time, I purchased Motorcycle because Tank Pad that I stuck was peeling off since I bought it.
This model number MT-TK010G is compliance incidental condition : Kawasaki - ZXR / ZX-6R / Although it was written as ZX - 10 R, I was a bit uneasy as to whether it would fit or not, but when I tried to put it on, I really matched and I was satisfied with Large.
Ninja 250 R's Lime green and colors are almost uncomfortable, even with respect to Size. Although it was my first time to paste it was completed without a hard time fighting!

Before sticking, remove it with Parts cleaner, paste Masking tape on the top and bottom of the part to be pasted, fill in the TankCenter line with a pencil in Masking tape, and align and align the Tank Pad Center accordingly. I did it by the procedure.

It is still past two weeks but it seems there is no problem with durability.

Awesome tank pad nice design with good quality of workmanship. product arrived in time. I will surely come here to shop for more.

I think it is as it sees.

The installation was cold in winter and it was hard even if warmed and it was hard to stick.
I installed it while warming using the Hot Hand warmer, but finally I was wearing it, but it already floats slightly.
It is a place I want stickiness about stomp.

If you lie down more deeply, you can not covert at this position.
So I bought a transparent Tank Pad and added it.