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Shabon Dama

Shabon Dama menawarkan performance part untuk Kawasaki Zephyr, GPZ900 dan moge Kawasaki lainnya. Produk Shabon Dama seperti standar samping, knapot, segitiga dan bodywork dibuat dengan desain yang unik dan modern.

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Ulasan Produk Shabon Dama

It fitted perfectly without any problem for installation.
The mall also kept clean.

Material seems better than OEM so I am happy to replace it.

It fits perfectly to my Kawa Zephyr 750, I needed 2 minutes for installation. Finish is gloss carbon, very stylish, excellent quality. Also, the part weights exactly 100 gramms less than original Kawa chain protection from aluminium. Company Shabon Dama send me with the product also a surprise gift; their brochure and a sticker. I like it :)

I had hesitated to purchase from before. The gap which I was worried about actually wearing got useless and it became a nice feeling! It is quite satisfying ??

I hope to include making using nerve to detail.
It is unfortunate that there is unevenness on the edge part of the outer circumference of the back side, I think that it is better to chamfer the back side.
There is a return in chamfer of mounting hole.
I got lost my purchase because the price is high, but I purchased the shape.
If every detail is beautiful it is a perfect score!

This price with this Bolt
I think that the person of the Large body thinks (I also thought that)
Old OEM rust and weight
If you compare and compare
It is worth buying

Though I want it, those who worry about the price
Let's buy and refresh
If you keep on riding GPZ in the long run
It is Parts without loss

Adhesion is too weak. I felt it was the adhesive strength below curing Tape. Will it increase in viscosity after a while?. Adhesion strength to the extent that it does not fit in that Tank shape was unexpected. Because it is a Clear color, it floats and it gets dirty soon with Garbage which entered here. I will buy a new one.

OEMCover crack began, so I tried purchasing Reinforced type to replace it before it broke in earnest.

Looking at the real thing the shape of the back of Cover was different from OEM. Although it seems that it becomes the attachment method different from the OEM by strengthening, when it actually wears, it was understood that it is thought that it is a measure against cracking that the mounting method is different.

Although it is expensive compared to Cover made by other companies, there is a reason for only high. I am convinced if this is the case.

I exchanged following the previously replaced Carbon upper cowl.
The shape is good, Quality was a bit more.
Fine cracks are made on the surface near the corner behind Tail lamp, behind Cowl.
We ordered and exchanged via Shop, but there are similar cracks even once returned and exchanged, and we are using it as it is.
Initially out-of-date, BackOrder is hanging, reproduction, new goods exchange etc.. Waiting for half a year at.
Moreover, even after waiting for half a year it will eventually crack, so I can not help it.
If it is painted with a color other than Clear, there may be no problem, but as it is, or trying to use it in paint making use of the Carbon land, it becomes a regret feeling.
Produced (Or will be produced in the future) I can not say that everything is the case, but at least what I ordered was low quality two consecutive times.