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Helm Silex memiliki keamanan terbaik dengan desain yang unik dan harga terjangkau. Busa helm Silex mudah dilepas dan dicuci, sehingga Anda bisa menjaga kebersihan dan kenyamanan Helm Anda.

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I switched from full face I used to work as a commuter. Design It is nice. We often wear MA - 1 on weekends, but the combination with MA - 1 seems to be very nice.

There seems to be a lot of comments that Size does not match, but it was just a good feeling for me.

It was still better if I could buy a long time ago Graphic model.

Beige's interior and shield processing seems to have some UV effect, so I like the 1st in Lady's helmet!
Overall design is too imagey for Large people.

Impremented at the time of purchase, but the result of use

The feeling of foot is ecaji. There is no wind involvement from Shield.

Just a wind-cut sound is Large. Is Jet helmet such a thing like this?

It is considerably large compared to the full face, when traveling it hurts the surrounding sound.

If it is laid relaxedly at 40 to 50 kilos, it will be fine, but at around 60 kilometers the wind noise will be quite large

In reference

It is purchased simultaneously with HelmetBody.
The color of Smoke is not too dark, just right..
Replacement is also easy with Situation.
Because it is cheap, Mirror shield is also planned to buy.

First, Design is smart.
The field of vision is wider than the general full face, and there is no incompatibility even when changing from Jet helmet.
Shield can also be modified because it is prepared with Smoke, Mirror.
It is recommended.

It's my first Jet helmet. It looks like Doraemon when I wear it.

Because I'm Glasses I wanted to get rid of it as it was, but I purchased it but I was worried about Size which was an impulse "Feeling Large eyes" I attached the attached Sponge and it is Exactly. Since the temple got a little Large per temple, I pasted only the internal SIDE.
Since it is usually wearing M size of ARAI, reference.

It is solidly made for price. Also different from inexpensive Helmet such as Yahoo auction "SG" It is entering Mark.

It is the best if there is a color variation a little more, but it's not Black but BlackMetallic so it's Yoshika.

I purchased it because I usually use 57-58 M Size, but it is slightly loose even if I attached the attached CushionSeal.
CushionSeal is fairly cheap, soon I'm afraid to degrade.
However, I like the shape and opening / closing condition of Shield, so it is almost satisfying.

It is good. The
Size is exact. The Helmet itself thought that a large impression was unexpected.
For 10,000 yen or less, Design nature is also good and it is touch apt also to a town riding NAKED.