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SIMOTA berdiri sejak tahun 1991. SIMOTA merancang dan memproduksi filter udara yang memiliki intake performance tingkat tinggi dan sangat awet. Filter udara SIMOTA bisa menjaga mesin dalam keadaan baik dan juga meningkatkan performa.

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Finally installed.
I have been interested in Filter of the company for a long time,
Because I could use the OEM of the previous purchase until today,
I exchanged it after Plug exchange.
Actual installation is not particularly problematic,
Cover was a tough place as a matter of fact and there was no problem.
(Frame is OEM for Made of rubber against Pura?
Operationally, when I tried Engine,
Since it is an exchange from an OEM that is clogged up to now because it has been exchanged,
It seems Idling got stronger as the exhaust sound of Exhaust System became slightly larger.
(There may also be a reason for exchanging Plug as well)

I installed it on the Ninja 250R which is changing to Full Exhaust System. Installation removes the OEM Product and inserts it instead.
Before installation ThoughtleOff had AfterFire a ringing, but its frequency has dramatically decreased since it was installed. The appearance of Power seems to be Smooth, and the intake resistance seems to be decreasing.
Although I am occasionally seeing the garbage puddle after installation, it seems that it is not attached so much, I do not know well the state of dirtiness and filtration - - -
It was dry, so I did not need any care, it was cheaper than K & N, and I was satisfied with Large change.

My best friend in Japan, Made in Taiwan from Japan.
It is mentally better than the Chinese or Korean made, I do not know whether the power has risen, but the sound has gotten a little Large Whether passenger cars have Power Filter attached, but clearly saying that the difference in Power I do not know, but the shape is also Exactly I'm making it properly, GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA your engine is also in perfect condition, the price is reasonable and wonderful, the durability is unknown, but rather than cleaning while cleaning, I would like to use it at this price while replacing it with a new one according to the mileage.

Impression that I thought that I mistakenly disappeared in the first post was Impression again, but it seems that it was actually posted, it has become an embarrassing post that is not double.
Well, after installing, although I was feeling fine at first it seems that I am feeling a little sick while not running against me ,,,,,, and then opening it, I was surprised that Mesh 's Material, I thought that Stainless Steel is commonplace, but Yes, it is rusty. The thing is that Mesh Material is like Steel.
Good speaking to say good breathability. It is a vehicle that Blowby tends to attach to the frame part of the filter due to its structure, but the structure of the filter is somewhat melted by its Blowby. It seems.
Based on the above, we are dealing with another "HIFLOFILTRO" I think Filter is better.. Currently, I am using OEM modified High flow filter, so next time "HIFLOFILTRO" I think I will try using.

Even at OEM it was less than 2000 yen, when the same air cleaner was issued by a certain KYMCODealer it was 4500 yen.
However, if the frame is an OEM Material : For Plastic, this is Material : Rubber, it's pretty soft so it will be a problem in the future or somewhat anxious.

Since OEM is slightly less than 2000 yen + shipping fee, even if you buy this, it does not change much! Moreover, it is cheap because it thinks that it was 4500 yen if former KYMCODealer something!

The compatible model of OSU - 7506 is "GSX - R 600 06 - 10 : GSX - R1000 06 - 10 "is described, but GSX - R1000 (2007-2008) It does not conform to.

It is regrettable that it did not conform to just being satisfied with the performance in other models and it can not be helped.
Returns - It would be nice if you could handle replacement.

Have not try this air filter on my bike, but looking at the quality and the can be reused by air clean or by air cleaner kit make this air filter worth buying. Use as a spare filter, for replacement.