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SXP merupakan singkatan dari Security Experience Products. SXP menawarkan berbagai macam kunci untuk sepeda motor.

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Since it was dark even if Wright of NSR250R changed into the efficient bulb too much darkly, HID is purchased.
Since the bulb went out, the fuse melted and the high tension of the ballast had broken to the blinker relay although HID of 88 was before attached to XR, the moto garage was used this time.
Since attachment on a size was doubtful when it was an attachment change type and a low and NSR were H4R, purchased the H4R adapters, but.
The person [ who buys it ] for whom a low and interchangeability do not have an H4R adapters, who was not able to do a replacement, who cut off the portion of the clip after all, remade the clip newly by plastic repair, and required great time and effort had better be careful (processing required).

Used when exchanging CBR 600 RR 2003 Headlight with LED Headlight.
I think that the LED headlight on the market is still under development and it is thought that processing of Adapter is necessary, we select this product which can be easily processed.
As Material is like Rubber, it is easy to cut with Cutter, so we use it as it is planned.
Because I do not use it as it is, I think that Impre will not be counted on...
For now, the installation of the LED Headlight is satisfactory because it was made possible by this Adapter.

Stability of Front fork (Unreliability) Purchase for improvement.
Ninja400R・650 / Initial adjustment for ER-4n ? 6n Front fork - Since attenuation adjustment was not attached, I was intrigued by suppression of FrontDive at Brake & Turn.

Since installation of the product comes with a careful photograph attached Instruction Manual that will be different by type of vehicle, if you can make a pair Rose シ ー by yourself it can be easily installed.

Actually running, FrontDive at Brake (I can not depend on it as if I'm doing a bottom thrust by going into my back all the way) Was suppressed considerably.
Stroke gets stronger at the earliest, and if it is slow, he will steadily steady backwards.
It might feel hard if it is about town riding.
I think that it becomes a strong viewpoint because the range of Setting widens when it comes to competition from Sports.
The strength of Valve's effectiveness can be adjusted by the number of Shims who are compatriot, but I think that it is troublesome to make fine adjustments as it will not appear unless Fork is upside down.

Creation of ValveBody is pretty good, disassembly and maintenance seems easy.

The price is slightly higher, but as a body I was considering transplanting around the Front of the inverted VERSYS, it was a correct answer by wearing ForkValve when considering trouble and Cost.

Although it is diversion in compliant models, I think it is difficult..
Because it is made to fit with Cylinder at the bottom of Fork, it seems necessary to adjust ValveBody seating surface, Length adjustment of Color pipe, Shim number adjustment.

Purchased at a certain motorcycle parts store.
I thought about buying a rock toy by Wheel.
It is good as the blade seems not to pass easily because it is quite hard and heavy making. I am relieved..
Since the key shutter is attached, I think that it will protect a little even in a gravel parking lot etc.
Somewhat somewhat I have dropped from a high place with Shan, but I can use it as if nothing had happened.
This type of crime-prevention system was a good item that makes us think that it is better to hang the gold!

I installed it in BMW K100RS 4vAnniversary.
Previously, we also installed Re Motion's HID on the R 1100 RT, Troubleetc with no HID. There was a sense of uneasiness a little, but I bought it because it is easy to replace the ratio for the amateur also because the Motion Objection correspondence was good. Brightness is much brighter and more satisfying than NORMALH 4. There are other companies' products, but I think that it is outstanding as cost effectiveness.

Partly because OEM Parts Number was discontinued, I could find it, I purchased it this time. I am satisfied with the price. Although it took time to arrive a bit, I arrived earlier than expected and I am satisfied.

I am using it for ML 34 of PIAA.
It is an exchange from 55 WHID.
Because of Lens cut, low light distribution
It is subtle.

LED emission is low / Both high
It is two lights each.

Speaking of greed,
When I was high I wanted all four lights to light.

Although he bought HID of other Manufacturers, since it was high when he bought it with the Option, it chose here.
It is cheap, and since it is a soft product made of a Rubber, earthquake resistance is also likely to be expectable.