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TGR RACING WHEEL memiliki brand velg racing "TGR TECHNIX GEAR" yang tangguh dan fleksibel pada permukaan jalan. Velg racing yang ringan dipastikan akan membuat rider bisa menikmati performa motor semaksimal mungkin saat berkendara!

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CRF 250 RALLY town ride & commuters can also be used for Funafuna Fork I could not stand it anyway I exchanged for TGR before and after suspension. I got on Racer with Number of reverse imports. The standard suspension of a commercial car was dissatisfied with the fact that there was much subduction of 1 G and Spring was soft. Until getting on, I was worried that the TGR suspension firmly stretched, but when I got on it I was reborn as a different suspension. I was installing myself. Accuracy was the highest and there was no problem. Since reference values ??of Fork oil are listed, I referred it. I was worried because TGR Spring was 3 cm shorter than Normal spring, but after raising it is higher than NORMAL. Because Spring is wound tightly and thickly, it is best that the ideal hardness, sudden Breaking, subduction slowly and less.

NORMAL Since it felt that the underbody was too hard, exchange both before and after.
I asked Motorcycle shop for work.

Trying a ride ... The rusty taste peculiar to WR, Large is not changed.
So the movement of suspension is Smooth, so even if saying that it is soft ... it does not become fluffy and does not degrade the high-speed stability.

On the contrary if you expect improvement of the foot "Not really" It may stay at Level.
"Change the suspension, become a solid footprint" I think that it is not for things.

The ROD of my Motorcycle was too thick to be addicted, I tried to buy it just to be sure but I'm a bit sorry, I think that it can be used with other Motorcycle so it can not be said that it is definitely bad, GSX It is not recommended for -R1000 K3.

There are many people who are working in their own works, but once you buy it you can use it for a long time so I was happy to buy it, usability is good There is a sense of security, as expected it is recommended, recommended.

My Motorcycle (GSX-R1000 K3) ROD has too thick to be addicted, I was not worried because I can work even if it is disappointing but a bit disappointing.

I think that it is better than the Special Tool of Manufacturer OEM because it can hold the compressed state.
I can work alone, and I can work far more safely and reliably than a substitute tool.

I bought it to replace the 3XV Fork oil.
Not all Inverted Front Fork is necessary, but 3XV can not work without this tool.
If you examine it with Net etc, there are some who are making homebrew tools by buying L-shaped Bracket etc. at Home center, but I will recommend this Compressor at this price.
Although manual is not attached, I think that it can be used without problems.

Useful when removing Fork top cap.
Exact length and moderate hardness.
Top cap is not scratched.
It is recommended for those who are regularly serviced.