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Not compatible with the notation model.
I can not use it even if I buy it here.
We wish Big, please.
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Operativity improves several times rather than it carries out a screen Touch at the time of a run and operating it.
However, when attaching to my Motorcycle, it could not attach satisfactorily, but the point was dissatisfied.

The Controller and the Radar Receiver were purchased and attached to the Motorcycle with a Jupiter Navigation purchased in medieval times. Since
attachment was a Bar handle, it has been immediately attached according to the device. Since the
Switch box is large, from a Grip, distance surely opens. It was very convenient while it was able to be used normally. Suddenly malfunction starts after several times run, and it became impossible for the sound-volume change and the size Button to have become a Mute in the middle of the reckless run, or to completely use the inside of
> and the rain in which time is heavy for five months at commuting & Touring use. When it tries to advance a repair request to the
Manufacturer, it is the reply with the foreign company article for a guarantee. The guarantee was not attached when saying so ... And conditional [ attach and send a main part to repair ] (natural if disagreeable since it is used every day reply). In
, it is with a big issue at waterproofness, durability and repair / guarantee. a price -- 1000 yen -- if -- although still given up, the sincerity of a Manufacturer is suspected to be throwing away for 5000 yen or more.
It will be a convenient Parts, if it is a big-hearted person who can allow it, and it uses until it breaks.

Since it saw by evaluation of the Net when it should attach to MCN45si absolutely, it purchased together with the main part from the beginning. Since the exclusive Stay had come out from the Tech mount,
> attachment used it. Although it is
> user-friendliness, it is dramatically convenient that scaling is made with an exclusive use switch.
If Pinch in and out operation can be performed from the first well, it will also feel like not being needed primarily, but I think whether the different body Switch is more useful to operate it during a run, and it is good. Since it becomes a position fairly distant from a Handle and is hard to operate the
> difficulty although attachment is simple for an exclusive Stay, a Stay is due to be improved by itself from now on. It is whether when it unites with an after [
] Stay, 7000 yen is slightly high too only because of this operation. Since the user-friendliness of MCN45si goes up also by
> rightly, that it is better to buy a high Navigation with much trouble considers.

Although the Jupiter's Motorcycle navigator was attached to Kawasaki ER-4n, it purchased by the thing that Radar finder ability can be added by OP. Although it was due to carry in the Cover of the circumference of a Headlight at the
> beginning, it gives up greatly rather than the physique considered.

In consideration of the detection engine performance, it stuck with attached double-stick tape under the light there. Since it is below the
> light, and it is not conspicuous and looks are hardly influenced, either, it is satisfied. Since the durability of
> double-stick tape was uneasy, wiring was fixed to other Harnesses which are running to the Light-cover inner side by the Cable tie.

Probably, it will be OK since it is the Jupiter who is doing the Lineup of many Radar finders although the right and wrong of the engine performance cannot be told since it has not met with Mouse picking etc. yet!

It purchased in order to improve the operativity of scaling of the map of a Motorcycle navigator. Since mounting hardware was sold by the maker besides
>, it attached using it.
> -- although this product and a Button are the things which may be large, for the reason inside a Blinker or a Horn switch, a fixing position cannot say them as the operativity which may be settled. Since it becomes easy to do rather than carrying out Touch-panel operation of

, however the Navigation, it is touch as it is not too bad. Also in the left-hand drive at the time of

parking, it was thought that the neighborhood was considered firmly, without interfering in a Tank. Since the
> price is also there [ there ], in the direction of liking to improve the operativity of a Navigation, they are recommended goods.

Although it is the navigation of the exclusive design for motorcycles from the first, the touch panel malfunction by glove wear can be prevented by attaching this.
Since music can also perform navigation use and concurrent use, it comes to be also able to simplify audio adjustment and is saved.
After buying a main part, the necessity for a switch is felt and purchased.
Since accessories, such as a fixed band, were not attached, it fixed to the side face of the radar receiver unit (antennas part of an alarm) of the option previously attached to the handle with powerful double-stick tape.

Although I think with an option that this price is high one in purchase and a receiver unit with it being simultaneous with main part purchase, the control point etc. are contained in the main part beforehand, and since it will become perfect as a radar finder if this is added, it purchases unavoidably.
However, I think that it is an ideal form for which Mr. YUPITERU of a radar finder, navigation, and a radar finder are united as truly, and it can ask as an object for actual condition motorcycles.