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TOTAL CRAFT merupakan manufaktur bodywork khusus untuk HONDA CB series. Fairing, spakbor dan cover produksi TOTAL CRAFT dirancang khusus untuk CB1300SF, CB400SF, dan HORNET250 agar sesuai dengan warna aslinya.

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I bought it for CB 1300SB. We investigated variously and selected the heavy bass slip-on silencer. As a result, Plus alpha's privilege came to Cospa. I think the heavy bass is about NO 2 next to Wyvern. I am very satisfied..

Used for Race in Circuit
I used the thing of Endurance before, but there is a difference of muddy. This is the best!
While limiting the chisel angle, there is some clearance and easy to handle. Finish It is beautiful, what did Endurance's cheesy kire angle limit so much?
Besides, the price is cheap and it's great..

Easy to install, it takes less than 10 minutes.
It changes considerably sound quality with or without Baffle. I use it in Baffle ant, but I got better Response than OEM.
It's low price but satisfying both looks and builds.

Since the same product of Endurance has broken, I made this product with good reputation within Circuit.

It is lightweight and it is surprising that it is not expensive, although fine adjustment is possible.

The instruction manual was also polite, and the trust increased in that respect too.

In future, I would like to actively select the company's products.

I purchased it because OEM handles are in the same position as my face when I lie down..
I am satisfied with Race ish ride more than OEMHandlebar!
I did not feel that it was painful to get on both Winding and the city ride at the pass.
Parts around Handlebar other than this product remain as OEM, but OEM Brake hose and Switch box interfere with Indicator and Cowl, so it is better to change them.
I got the installation at the shop, but it interfered with Cowl and Indicator, so it was very difficult to fight ...
Somehow, I was able not to interfere, but since Handlebar Lock can not be done, I need attention.
Originally because it is Racing Handlebar, CircuitSpec. People who do not Customize Customers think that it is better to purchase with premises to change peripheral Parts.

We selected TotalCraft products with high quality. Actual goods are Large satisfied with ExactlyFit regarding installation as expected quality. With the long Chain guard you can firmly guard the dirt from the Chain part. It is unavoidable in structure, but maintenance etc etc. It is a difficult point if it is strong that you can not just remove Chain guard at the time of.
It is a good product, so if you add Inner fender it is Recommendation ♪

I bought this product for the purpose of dirt prevention around Rear Fender and Dress-up. The muddy from Tire has been reduced, making cleaning easier. The texture of Carbon is also high, I am extremely satisfied.

As a result of various troubles with other Manufacturer, I decided to make it TotalCraft.
Like everyone else is written, it is a good product without problems with installation & product.

Although it is Bolt of Brake hose of Left Side, it is easier who had Ratchet! (There is not much space after the device, so Spanneretc. It took me a while. (Lol) )