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TUCANOURBANO adalah produsen aksesoris motor asal Milan, Italia. Produk mereka yang paling terkenal leg cover penghalau udara dingin yang berhasil mendominasi pasar Italia karena kepraktisan dan fungsionalitasnya yang tinggi.

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ZOOMER (2007 Carburetor Vehicles) We mounted on.
It was originally a Scooter of NAKED-like design and it was a Motorcycle that can not ride in winter commuting without cold wind measures.
We have purchased and used Over Pants, Apron type and Komine products so far, but the following weaknesses are. (It is personal impression to the end)
- Troublesome wear off Body.
- In the case of Over Pants, leather shoes (BUSINESSShoes) It is similarly troublesome.
- Storage problem. Both are bulky. Fatal to ZOOMER with low storage capacity. In the bicycle parking lot of the station also measures against theft.
- ApronStyle's clumsiness. (You can see it as a fish store)
This time, I bought this Tel Mosqueud at a certain mail order site. Free shipping on about 12000 yen. I wanted it to be within 1000 yen difference to Webike at least.

So, is it the first installation (I will double it with my diary) ,it's simple.
In the case of ZOOMER, it ends with about 3 fixed points. Since Belt under Tank needs to pull backwards, we made a ring with Tying Band on STAND and hooked there. I think that it can be installed without having to worry about others otherwise.

Although it is a feeling of use, I ride everyday with a bicycle park at a certain JR station in us North Kanto and home round trip. Every morning in winter the average temperature is below 0 ° C. The temperature is around one single digit on the way back..
As for Sarah Reamerin, clothes are not for Motorcycle, Shirt + SuitPants + Inner for Inners (Cardigan) And I'm dressed down jacket.
For Motorcycle, only Helmet, Gloves, Neck warmer are stored in the GIVI box.
As a result of riding in Tel Mosque, this is a very excellent warm weather cover.
First of all, there is no trouble of desorption. Round, sit, this alone. Time is also important for train commuting Youth.
Next, although it is a cold performance, the lining is a bore fabric, and the part directly hitting the foot is warm. Only the draftstorm enters, but it is a Level that can be tolerated enough. (The countermeasure Sponge is bundled, but it is unused)
The Minus point is
- Gun seen from others
- Getting used to getting in and out
As for putting in and taking out of the foot, if you are accustomed to Road motorcycle 's degree, such as experienced person, will you come with Pin? Single motion of preparing for getting ahead in advance, such as when stopping is extra care. In Noronoro driving, I wonder whether I will put my feet or leave it once (Bitter smile)

I attached it to ICON's RAIDEN DKR JACKET.
Jacket has the same Protector built in De Fault, but I felt a sense of incompatibility from the middle of Touring so I confirmed it after going home and immediately purchased it because it was only two.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
As far as I saw the photo, it was a Protector of ICONOEM Product and it was two, so I decided to buy this as a possible purchase.
Also, when you purchased ICONOEM Product, the price was slightly higher and it seemed that the delivery date would have been lengthened due to orders, so we chose the product of Tuca Know Ruberno with Manufacturer inventory and likely delivery date.

【How was it actually used?】
It was exactly the same as ICONOEM Product.
Also, of course, the feeling attached to Jacket was not changed at all from ICONOEM Product, and at this price it was safe to use Jacket for a long time if this delivery date.

【Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) ]
Since it is exactly the same as ICONOEM Product, even if it is put in Jacket, it fits without feeling uncomfortable.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
Since there were many runs on a cold day, it seems that it took a place where Protector became hard, but it seems that it was torn, but it is true that two accident and fall are not done I thought.
I think if there is more durability.

【Have you compared items?】
Proton of ICONOEM
The things are exactly the same, the price is somewhat high, the delivery date seems to be long, so I removed it from the candidates.

Those who Protector hurt at ICON's Wear are cheap in this Brand's items and are recommended..

Windshield as Axis Treat's cold weather - Knuckle visor - Equipped with Handlebar Cover, but still can not prevent the running wind to the body.

There are anti-cold Apron etc. as a thing to prevent it, but since it is a thing to be worn on Rider side, there is troublesome when getting on Motorcycle and leaving.

In fact, in S cooter in winter period in Europe "Leg cover" It seems that there are a lot of equipped vehicles, and among them, it is said that Touka Know Rubano is proud of a high Share.

I was worried for a long time, but purchased immediately when planning Touring to Aizu.

The fabric of the table is something with Waterproof function to some extent, and the thickness is firm.
However, it seems that seams are not treated with Waterproof so it may not be suitable for rainy running all the time.

The boa was installed on the Reverse side, and I was also concerned with the anti-cold measures firmly.
On the Reverse side of that bore "Storage Space" There was also, this time I was running running with a disposable Hand warmer of paste type as a back technique.

Pretty comfortable ♪

Lid of Lid and Main key which can be accessed to Front pocket of Motorcycle was also installed in the best Position properly.

There is also the weight of the fabric itself, although the possibility of flaping while running is low, but as a further battle measures "S. G. A. There is a mechanism named S.

In essence, like air balloons, it is like a Frame structure on the edge of Cover, but thanks to this, it was very smooth without rolling or getting caught when putting in and out of the legs.

If you want greedy, it is easy to have ingenuity that breathes in like 'floating wheel' or 'BeachBall'.
I needed hang to plug the air after putting in the mouth.

Leg cover with a low recognition level in Japan, still felt quite a line of sight even during driving even during parking (Lol).

If it is a usual commute Level distance, Jeans alone is comfortable enough to be Large sturdy alone.
It was a very satisfying item to purchase.

I will also attach LINK so I will introduce detailed contents also in the diary and movies.

→ http : / / imp. webike. net / commu / diary / 128116 /
(Impre diary)

→ https : / / youtu. be / DL9A7wCRJVo
(Impression Movie)