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TWIN AIR menyediakan filter udara dengan dua lapisan busa yang menjadi pilihan utama rider unggulan nasional Jepang maupun dunia.

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Although he bought a thing for the trial, it is a free sticker too.
Although it is cheaper to buy a carbon sheet and he bought it for show .... It was ?.

About twenty-five years since using Twin air I can still use it, but I got somewhat so purchased as spare. I'm using it for 25 years so I trust dust resistance and durability. Even if the performance is changed from the OEM, I remember that the intake efficiency did not change as much as it needed carburetor adjustment.
It is good that this filter can be attached to OEM's Cage.
The appearance, the Front side of the 2 layer Sponge did not seem to be new and old. In the image of the old product I am Spraying WAKOS Filter oil A 200 so it looks red. (It is a shame that this Oil spray that you love for many years but it is not selling anymore) The problem is Reverse side. Naturally I thought it was familiar Orange and what I received was Black!. I also thought that it was a degraded Copy product,
Spec. I was disappointed that it was changed. So I will assume the evaluation of actual feeling ★ ★. (If TWIN Air = Orange!) Since I am mail order, I would like to ask product images accurately.
Postponement, in the past, TWIN Air Sticker was on, but now there is not it. This was also a little disappointing..

Not particularly Tune and so on, because I do not like waiting for drying when washing NORMAL's Air cleaner, I thought that it was more convenient to buy two Elements, so I bought it. I knew from long ago and I chose Twin Air from a long-established sense of security. It is a good feeling that it is solid.

It remains unused without selling XR 250 Gauge.
If there is no sales of Gauge in the future, it will end without being used.
I should reflect and investigate a little more if I should purchase it.

When doing an off-road it is always better to get muddy as well as outside. If you use this you remove the Air cleaner and do a lid with Packing so you can wash the dirty Air Box with a high pressure washer (Although water droplets may enter somewhat).
Corresponding model was for YZ 250's 13 MODEL, but 17 YZ 250 X can also be used without difficulty.

It is cheaper than OEM's Filter and intake is also good so Large is satisfied satisfied,
As Jet also changes, Power up will also be done so in this hand Filter
I think it is the best.

I bought it because it is an OEM Same Product of Husq 's SMR 250.

Mileage is still around 5000 km, but for a body with no structure of Air cleaner box,
How to clean is pretty bad. Used only for a short commute, without rain running.

I cleaned it once or twice but it is not enough to be pretty so I bought a new one.

I did not see anything about the OEM Product that was attached, but the inner one was tingling and I noticed that the hole was opening for the first time.
I thought about buying an OEM Product, but I decided to try it for testing. (Because it was a bit cheap)

I used it twice with forest road Touring but it can be used without problem.