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Jeans yang diproduksi oleh uglyBROS mengadopsi bahan denim yang lentur dan kuat. Jeans uglyBROS memiliki desain yang indah, nyaman untuk dipakai, dan tentunya dapat melindungi Anda saat berkendara.

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I do not write any more as I can see the price, but I can promise that there is nobody to buy and regret (If Size matches).
Design, comfort, functionality, everything is very high standard.
The man was 178 cm and it was quite thin type, but it was just Size feeling with 28 inch. Making is pretty much Tight, it's a normal skinny Denim's Silhouette.
Material - Because sewing is also good, I feel it is Level which can also be used for wearing usually reminiscent of Designer Sukini Denim.
Protector is not Soft Type, noteworthy thing, but knee Protector has no sense of incongruity even if you wear it. It is quite good compared to the ones in the street, although it was truly as for the waist.
By the way, I have for Knee D3oProtector, but I could use D3o because I could install without any sense of incompatibility.
UglyBROS is the first time, but it was better than I imagined, so I may also buy other MODEL.
Denim not only cloth - Leather etc. I would like the products of other Materials, but it seems like DenimBrand so it is impossible wish ...

I experienced safety concerns with ordinary jeans from experience that I stood standing and scraped my knees the other day and tried purchasing a proper jeans for Motorcycle. Size is also perfect, easy to wear, the fabric is solid and knee bending is really easy. I bought such a high jeans for the first time but I also want to purchase a different color.
This Recommendation

I thoroughly enjoyed uglyBROS' summer MOTOPANTS JUKE (mesh), so I bought one for winter as well.

The summer one is slim and tight.
This shovel is a regular fit.
A bit... actually, pretty loose.

The cloth is a stretch denim, so quite thin,
so wearing just this would be too cold during winter.
So I bought a regular fit where I can wear layers.

How I use is
wear a heattech for undergarnment
then an electrical heat pants
then finally the uglyBROS (made possible because it stretches), and that's how I survive the winter.

Sadly, because it's a bit loose, my kneepad sometimes slides out of place.
When it does, my knee starts hurting, or the area around it feels uncomfortable
so after I, although not easy,
made a pouch for the knee pad
the problem was solved.
Now, I only wear uglyBROS pants.

Though it may had been too early for now, I bought this mesh trousers.

I liked this trousers because I could take out the knee protector from the outer side freely, and decided to buy it.

There are other uglyBROS trousers, but I think this one is good for the summer season because it uses mesh material (it's too early though).
It uses denim fabric and mesh fabric. You probably can't tell from the picture, but some of the part uses mesh. Looks cool.
The denim fabric is thinner than your regular pants. It says "stretch denim" and I will freeze if I were to wear it now.

It uses high standard CE pad for the knee protector. There's also one for your waist. It's very soft and easy to use.

Now about the size. I normally wear size 31-Inch. It's a little too big, but I like it that way.
There's no 31-Inch one for this trousers, so I chose 30-Inch.
It has shirring, so there's no problem choosing one size smaller.
It doesn't feel tight even if I bend my knees.
Still, it is just my fit because it says "slim straight fit."
It over fits me I guess, for I like loose clothes. But I think I will get used to it.
I like it even so, because it is comfortable.
I and thinking of buying another one that doesn't have mesh material.

I already have several pair of jeans for motorcycle ride, but I liked this one the best.
It uses good fabric and the sewing is good. Since it has shirring rubber to prevent the wind intrusion, I feel warm.
If you remove the pad, you can wear it as your daily clothes. Still, it feels a little tight if I put the pad inside.

I usually wear 30 inch, but this one is a little tight. I should have rather bought 31 inch. As I am used to wearing ultra slim pants, I do not feel uncomfortable, but if you aren't that slim, maybe you will feel have to squeeze inside.
As for your reference, I've bought size 30 inch. I am 177 cm high, and weigh 61kg. It's just the right size, or rather tight.

I do like its figure, so I think I will buy it again.

A Gathers portion etc. expand and contract, and it was easy to move, although it actually wore and ran. Since it is a Design which can wear not only when riding on the
> Motorcycle, but everyday wear, it wears also as everyday wear
. It seems that it passed over it exactly and it was good at a slight One-size
size although the
> Size purchased the Just size.

Safe with the Pat of the waist and a knee. It is very easy to wear the cloth of
Stretch nature.
> -- it is not too thin and thick -- it does not elapse, but it comes out and a Style is also good -- coming out -- the shin. ♪ which the
Motorcycle life seems to be pleasant and is likely to become safer

Although the pure Rotor was used until now, since the Rotor had bent by fall etc., this product was purchased. Since structure is comparatively [ with a cheap price ] solid and Level also with damping force about the same as an original manufacturer's product is maintained, I use feeling easy very much. Attachment is also easy, and form is completely the same as a NORMAL, and very a Recommendation also for maintenance beginners!!