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I was thinking about how to attach Navigation for Motorcycle.
Many people who extended the Handlebar Mount Bracket and Handlebar were seen, and I thought that this method is the only way.
As much as possible Handlebar around I thought I wanted to make it clearer I found it.
Besides, OEM Product ??
It took a while to deliver it because it is an imported item, but I had a wait.
I am also solid in making it, as expected, I feel like OEM Product.
With attached Instruction Manual, I think that it is not particularly difficult installation.
Incidentally, the size of Navigation attached is 5 Inch size.
Since we are issuing Bracket from Bolt in front of Tank installation, it may collide with Handlebar if Size is larger than Large. (If it processes it, is it Large?)

Bought at the dealership and paid a little less than the listing on here, plus no shipping and military discount. Came out to $400 I think. For that kind of money, I would have liked to both reach the ground and had some level of comfort. I got some better reach, but I still need to lower the bike a little. So that's next. Stock seat was a little better, but not great. I'm going to send this brand spanking new low seat off to Sargent or some other company to refoam and gel the stuffing. A $12k bike is not worth anything if I don't enjoy riding it. I have enough garage decorations at the moment.

เพิ่มเติมความสวยงานด้วย motor rock w800ตรงรุ่นเนื้อวัสดุเป็นอลูปัดหน้าเงาใส่แล้วเพิ่มความสวยงามแล้วยังมีครีบช่วยระบายความร้อนสะสมของตัวเครื่องถือว่าเป็นอีกหนึ่งชิ้นที่น่าสนใจเลยครับ More with the beautiful rock motor w800 model material is a glossy surface, then added to the beauty and fins to help cool the accumulation of the machine is another interesting piece of it. (Translated by google translation)

FORK for W ผลิตภัณฑ์เสริมหล่อสำหรับสาวก W เป็นหนึ่งชิ้นงานที่คลาสสิกลงตัว สมการรอคอย เนื้องานมีความดิบๆ ร่วมสมัย ใส่แล้วดูดีมีสไตล์

It is a product of North America Kawasaki OEMOption.
It is not Option for Japan FOR JAPAN MODEL.
Since it is necessary to remove Rear seat for installation
There is no Japanese specification that comes with Rear seat from the beginning.

Because it will be treated as imported, delivery time 1. I have it for 5 months
Actually it arrived in about 3 weeks.

There is only English version manual, but installation was easy.
Remove Rear seat and install Bracket.
Remove Screw of Fender cover of both SIDE,
Screw attached DRingStrap.
Bag side Strap with Surface Fastener
Through this DRing, it is completed if it stops at 4 places.
BagBody and Bracket are also Surface Fastener
Since it is crimped, it was not shaky.

In addition, this Bag can also increase capacity with Fastener
Even if the number of baggage for Touring increases, Large is durable.
Just so heavy things do not work.

When I tried to wear it, there is still only OEM
I'm very touching the smooth Style of VULCAN 400 S.
Also, this is also a good part of OEM, Fender cover
It is possible to install without removing it, this also chose this Bag
It is Point..
With the installation of a common Side bag, due to the problem of strength
You need to remove the Fender cover and place it directly in the Frame
This product can be installed on the Fender cover.
However, since it is not fixed to Frame
I think that it is better not to store items that are too heavy.
For VULCAN 400 S in Black, fluorescent color Line is
Better or bad, it stands out.

Cost takes, but to the streamline style of VULCAN 400 S
It is recommended to those with insistence!

Mount holes did not line up! Otherwise nice product! I fix it, I had to use a drill bit and open up the hols a bit wider. Looks much better, could just use a file to also make the hole bigger. It was probably 1-2mm out.

I installed it on z250. Tank shape is the same as ninja 250, so after mounting it is Tank Bag and Styling is not broken and a word of coolness.

Installation is Small but I firmly attach magnet and hook on Tank's neck Strap.

Since there is no manual, feel fearlessly.
Three magnets are attached at one point around the crotch, but this one is separate from Bag why Magic tape sticks to the Bag side Spec. Like ... Bag itself is stable, but after all the pasted Magic tape comes in Gap. Why this Spec. Is it?..
Slightly Minus with the feeling there. After all the price. Even there Minus.

The form of installation is very cool, I would like to Recommendation if I am suffering from Tank Bag.
(The delivery date is quite long due to purchase from overseas)

Since it was OEMAttachment in North America, I could not buy it in Japan and I found it if I found it, so I purchased ♪

Inside there is a partition of Mesh, there is no fine Pocket etc..

I will make 20,000 choices, but Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. So this price is unavoidable place.

If there is, Luggage retrieval at LongTwo is easy, I think that I was glad I could buy it.