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I love Jet because its face is big..
Manufacturer is wrong, but Quantity : 2pc. It is a purchase of eyes eye.
Compared to the other one the feeling of Fit is inferior but it is enough.

Oil It is indispensable product to exchange with DIY.
It is safe even with a large amount of Oil.

It takes a while to work on setting the doors of the box before working, but I think that there is no particular problem.
I think if it is difficult, I wish I could be cheaper a little more.

4. I wanted to buy a 5L thing but it was out of stock so it does not change much price 6. I ordered 5 L. Because my capacity is too large for my Motorcycle 3. It is saved if there is 5L thing.

Very cool helmet! Come with beautiful white colour.Easy to wear and take off .I'm feeling confident with Japanese safety standard (SG Standard).

Verry Cool helmet! Light weigh, Not too big,Very comfortable and easy to wear.I love this helmet. I think everyone that love retro and classic motorcycles must have it!

Because it is Free Size, I am Large.
Would it be better if I can afford it from the viewpoint of keeping warmth.
Because it is not stiff, there is no hindrance to the Lever operation.
It is good to prevent the entry of wind from the wrist.
Waterproof nature is unknown. Nylon so I think Large is durable.
It seems to be useful for shopping etc..

I bought it for Oil change of CB 1300. The rating of waste oil is 6. It is 5 liters, but there is not enough room for 5 liters. About 70% of waste oil may be just right for getting in with enough time.

I bought it for processing waste oil at Oil exchange. Although it can say to all kinds of products of this kind, there is no specified amount of absorbing power. It is good from about 70% of rating to about 80%. Therefore, we use waste oil as about 4 to 5 liter. If waste oil that is close to the rating, I think that we can cope with processing clothes and Towel added.