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WHITE HOUSE menyediakan berbagai macam bodywork berdesain unik nan mewah untuk skutik maxi seperti Forza, Fusion, Maxam, dan masih banyak lainnya.

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Since he cannot do an inner paint, are wearing of the inner center cover ('ミエ') which looked at this product and has fallen in love at first sight, but.
Without also removing especially a sheet, although removing and equipping with a sheet was described by the instruction manual, although it was itself of beginners custom, it was able to equip easily.

This sturdy, fiberglass center console piece is made with level of care that is expected from Whitehouse, and really modernises and streamlines the Helix. It is also great for covering a worn out center console. Unfortunately the fairing is only vaguely made in the shape of the original fairing that it mounts to, therefore it's not a simple case of plug and play. You might be forced to drill additional screw holes, etc. to make it fit. The fairing hem is so loose, that it actually blocks and jams the rear brake pedal. Also, the two sided tape provided with the fairing is a joke - it won't fix anything, and you have to come up with epoxy glue or silicon contraptions to attach the gas tank lid cover.

White House Flat Nose is HIGH QUALITY fiberglass fairing. Fits perfectly along with the another fairing, does not need any extra work for assembly. Fairing gives new and fresh looks for the FUSION. With the Chin Spoiler I didn't notice any heating for the engine appear to the original fairing.

White House Aero Chin Spoiler is HIGH QUALITY fiberglass fairing. Very well made and finished. Parts assembly needed some sawing the under fairing. Chin Spoiler will increase airflow for the radiator. Chin Spoiler is functional and cool products for the Honda.

White House Knight Face Aero Visor is well made high quality fiberglass fairing. Quality is 10/10. Knight Aero Visor was easy to assembly without taking another fairing away. Super good and cool product.

This hand made trunk door from Whitehouse is made with care and attention. The design and shape of the fairing is superb, and even with the fairly high retail price, this really is a nice item to own and really gives the Helix a modern and sporty look. Mounting it wasn't exactly plug and play - the screw holes are not always in place, which requires you to enlarge the screw holes in the trunk inner.

Since the thickness of the product itself is quite good, it seems to play a role of protection.

The gap is slightly empty at any position whether the making is sweet.

It's a bit expensive, is not it a problem if you are a little cheaper? - - -

The installation itself is easy because it just pastes with pongs
Because the product is thick, it makes a step a little bit
Because we use it to hide a dent, we close our eyes around there
It is a little disappointing when paying 10,000 and becoming this degree