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It seems to be a diversion made by first-class Manufacturer.

I felt the price was a little expensive, but the effect is outstanding.

If I raise the Front one by one, I think that if I have weight, I can not get out of dandruff,
If it changes to this it will be well-drained. I feel a bit better even with a little more gear.

However, there is a feeling of reassurance right after Engine start.
(It is unclear what will happen if you change the Air cleaner or Exhaust System. )

It is wondering at OEM that the Throttle diameter is common at 50 and 110.

If it is up to 105 ?, a certain CUB specialty shop (OS) It was adequate with the super cheap Exhaust System, but it was replaced because it seemed to be stroke up to 115? And the capacity was insufficient.

It is the volume at the time of Idling, but it is a little more than the previous Exhaust System (thick?) It makes me feel, but as a whole it is quiet and I do not need to worry about morning.
At the time of acceleration, it becomes the feeling like Piyo Piyo, when it embrets it sounds like an external exhaust system (Do you feel like NBOO?)
When I sprinkle my eyes (Although it is said to be Normal cam, it is about 9500 rpm) Intake sound is more noisy than exhaust.
It gently scoops up to 9500 rpm compared with the previous Exhaust System (It is not gueen)
Although it is not bad, I think it's subtle when I think of the price.

"No Air cleaner" I wanted it, but I could not choose it. So I made Cost performance ☆ 3.

We started using it in combination with the High Power Sports Exhaust System of Clipping point and Mukawa HYPERSBore Up Kit.

The feeling of running Axel can be solved, FIController "F" was the best match. You can feel that Torque is going up from the run.

It is probably because horsepower has gone up, the growth at 2nd, 3rd and 4th speed is also improved. Since Meter is NORMAL, the maximum speed is unknown, but the frequency with which the needle sticks to the Right end increases and I am careful.

Things were made like OEM diversion. Probably it is OEM of another car model.

I installed it by myself in around 10 minutes. Every Assy will be attached with Bolt-on as it is, but if you do not make fine adjustments to Accelerator Wire Idling will rise and I will be surprised. I should have loosen it because it will be slightly down.

Although it was said that φ 16 of KEIHIN is better compatible with Normal head, as a result of referring to Review of Wei Big, this "PB 16 of the Clipping point, Made in Taiwan" I decided on.

In order to raise the labor cost, I installed it myself.
Gasket remover, etc. I also thought about purchasing, but there was not much stickiness and money was floating, lucky.
It is difficult to understand details with manuals only, while somehow it succeeded while watching experience blogs etc.

According to the experience of the experienced person, I was setting the Exhaust System outside the company, too, setting was completed easily by just adjusting Air Screw.
Matching to KITACO 75cc Bore up.
NORMALAIR cleaner can be used as it is, it is a recommendation with a clickette.

In the case of Bore up & High Camshaft & External Exhaust System, the behavior of the dandruff method and the Engine became unstable in some cases, but it is really stable and it is easier to get on just when the carburetor becomes 13 → 16φ.

After Bore up (1) carburetor (2) High Camshaft (3) I should have fought in the order of the external exhaust system. After all Balance is Large thing.

* Since it is AA 01, hold Wiring of Carburetor Heater on hold (In-Hemp palmak connection) And to. I plan to transplant by fall.

2pcs. Although it can be installed easily without interference, the fitting part is too loose and slight exhaust (water) To leak.
Although the sound is quiet but if it is NORMAL it will be overdone and the low and medium speed will become sky and the ascending slope will be tight but if you maintain high rotation
It gets pretty fast.
I pasted a heat resistant Rubber on the exhaust port of the ellipse and made a circle to suppress the dropout at the bottom, but the exhaust sound became more quiet
Almost the same as NORMAL and halving fun.

Because Oil leaks at company's takeover port, we thought that Large is sturdy for CP, m company thought, but it was a more severe way of leakage. We will not use products of CP in the future!

I bought Reinforced Clutch of CUBC 50 for installation. CrankGasket was part of Honda OEM, so it was very good!

Purchase as acquiring Reinforced Oil Pump for Oil line reinforcement and Oil cooler attachment at acquaintance's C50 Bore up
When it arrives and confirmed, Clutch side Gas Ke HondaOEM which is different color from the sample image was included (WingMark to Packing) I do not know the performance difference, but I feel some sense of security and profit.