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Height 177 cm Weight 73 kg Chest 103 cm Size XL is Exactly!
Since it can not be removed with Protector Single Body, what should I do with washing?
It's a rigid Protector so I feel secure..

My body is 177 cm tall 73 kg weight 73 cm Chest XL was just right.
When it is going to lean forward, the bottom part of Spinal Pad seems to come out and it is subtle ...
Protector itself is sewn into the T-Shirt so it will not come off.
Laundry is a hand wash ~
Fit feeling is good

Durability and ease of use are outstanding, one disappointment is that the crucifixion of Knee slider and Base is so complicated that some floating or somehow it does not depend on appearance, but it will never peel off, Knee slider will be scraped and it will be used limit I tried hard until I arrived.

I went and went on running.. The sense of stability of Helmet has improved dramatically.
It is stable enough to not hurt your neck even in case of falling by any chance.
From now on I will also make Must-have items when I run through the city.

Because it has cervical vertebral hernia, NeckProtector thinks that it is essential to become ReturnRider and it searches variously.

Because Jacket has Hood, shape (Backward direction) Know that it is limited, select this product.
(Jacket : ICON MERC DEPLOYED https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 22897426 / )

Desorption is very easy, cold season Inner and Neck warmeretc. , If it wears properly, there is no puncture around the neck.

Quantity on the equipment situation : Pair (for Left and Right) It will be done, but my equipment (Jacket, Chest Armor) In case of contact with Helmet at all times, safety confirmation etc.. It is difficult to make it a bit difficult.
(Helmet : OGK KABUTO KAMUI-II https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 23326410 / )
However, considering the stability and protection of the neck, this does not become a Minus factor in my case.

Because the color is the same as Jacket, it may not be noticeable strange.

I think that overall good choice was made.

I bought it because it felt painful after hitting the side by falling last time. Since I am a beginner in Motocross Protector is mandatory

Height of 177 cm, weight 80 kg, chest circumference about 100 cm, so I bought Size XL but it was Just fit.

Base fabric is stretchy and coarse Mesh.
Shoulder Protector Fit feeling can be adjusted with Belt in front and back and side part.

Chest Protector is Quantity : 1pc. It's a structure so it's comfortable and it's Size that covers to the bottom of the ribs, not to mention the heart.

Spine Protector reaches the coccyx, but there is no sense to be pushed up even if you sit on a chair while wearing it.

I got lost with other products made by Komine, but the part with shoulder Protector is the point that pushed the purchase.

As long as it is not a very special person, as long as you buy Komine's Size street products, I do not think it is a mistake, but I recommend you try on it beforehand if possible.

Pants for owned Motorcycle are not equipped with West Side Protector, so I purchased it for the emergency and installed it.
Protection effect is limited because it is thin, but it is much more secure than hip batting in nothing condition.

Magic tape sewing to Pants side managed somehow by myself. It looks bad but it's not a place to see.

It is easy to break when wearing Pants, so be careful with that point.