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Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Rubber's sticky badly went to the car body at the time of putting out from the parking, but after grasping Grip, sticky peculiar to Rubber remains in hand.
I sent it to YOSHIMURA, but "no problem. Spec. It is returned as ".
I do not use it because it is sticky.
Yoshimura's salt correspondence was also disappointing.

I've been replacing Grip with Other Company Product several times over the past 30 years of Motorcycle, but I thought NORMAL was the best as a result of arrival.
The Other Company Product was convinced that Rubber was soft and durable so it would be reduced soon, because it was so soft that operability would not come nicely, but YOSHIMURA's Grip was quite good!

It is very simple as it is not a product that is particularly fancy as it looks and design-like.
Moderate Grip feeling due to Rubber's material and non-slip processed surface.
It is not sticky, so it's preeminent in operability.
Comfort is low because the thickness of Grip itself is not so thick, but thanks to that, you can feel the subtle operation of Axel in Direct.
It is amazing usually.

One disappointing is that there are many BALI of Rubber.
For Race and finishing is not so good.

Although it is a plain Parts, since it is the Parts that is the closest to Motorcycle, I will recommend it as an option.

Every time I exchange Grip I am using Grip!
It is not thick, thin and is suitable for myself!
There is also groove of Wiring and it is very good.
If you dare to say ,,, you've made it a bit cheaper (Lol)

With YOSHIMURA and One point in the root of Grip
I like being fashionable..
I got it on kawasaki zrx 2
Right Side, Throttle cone from Grip
It's so long that you need to cut Throttle cone
There was, but Throttle can easily be cut
no problem.
liked it.

Purchased a bit longer wire as the Wire I bought last time was short..


It was longer than I expected but somehow carburetor and Throttle were connected.

However, the length of Wire itself is subtle, and it can finally be used with full tightening.

Although it is planning to do a bit of processing, it is ☆ 3 because unusability was bad for Universal.

I changed the carburetor so I bought a wire as well.

Length was delicate as I bought it without Data,

Making is nice..


Length was subtle.

So I will try it for a while longer.

I was considering other grips, but because I ride a SEA BASS car, it is slightly higher than other grips but eventually I bought YOSHIMURA.
When actually wearing
Yoshimura logo on the root of Grip tickles Owner 's heart
- Wiring easy grooves, as expected Race favorite Brand!
- Hardness that is reasonably easy to grip
I was pretty satisfied.. Although it is the roughness of the making which was in other impres, I do not care much about myself. Material : As a Rubber item, if you care about those you care about with Cutter etc.
I think there is no problem.
Because it is a Penetrating type Grip, if the budget permits, together with USYOSHIMURABar End combination will make the surroundings of Handlebar cool as well?

Since the friend wanted it, it is as a Present.
I am allowed to grasp what was attached, it is [ it is different, ], and is touch.
I thought that it would be perfect if there is even no it since the Rubber BALI had merely come out very well.