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Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

I was pushed by your Impression and made a purchase.
Slow Torque is undoubtedly up.
Until now, GEAR is still in the 2nd speed while waiting for the signal, there are several embarrassing things called the engine stall trying to start with the intention of the 1st speed, but after exchanging, I will start with 2nd gear.
Also six gear 60 km / Geekshak at h is gone.
However, at the time of UTurn, Torque became stronger, and I feel that Speed ??control on Rear brake became less effective.
Instead of becoming stalled instead.

Accuracy was no problem, exchange work was easy.

I have never used it at all so I do not know anything about it! Because it looks Red, it's cool so I thought I'd buy it when I got older than Sale. Then I bought it because it became Sale. About 3,000 yen. end

I was doing Sale so I bought it as a spare item. I have never used it, so I do not know what to do, but it looks Red and cool ~ 彡 彡 All5!

Teflon appears to be a marketing gimmick. Can't say with confidence that there is teflon anywhere on this item. Product is good quality and finishing is decent, although the end that holds the cables had marks from the mould. The rotation of the throttle tube when on the handle bars is smooth. However, there is more space between the throttle tube and the bars when installed. This does not seem to affect the functioning of the item. Installation was easy as expected with no significant issues encountered. However, product packaging was cheap looking, being a clear plastic bag with a stapled card board up top. Means you're paying for the product itself rather than packaging, which is good. Delivery was fuss free and fast as promised. Reccomended. Would be 5 stars if it were cheaper. Don't see why a piece of plastic would cost this much. Anything beyond this point is for the purposes of meeting the extremely long character requirements and not really worth your time. Item shipped with new handle bars and i was worried that they had forgotten to include the throttle tubes at first, since it was a mess of corrugated paper and the small throttle tube packaging was lost inside. The overall shopping experience would definitely be improved by a better unboxing experience. Wish the box it arrived in didn't look so crushed as well.

Change from CB 1100 to Africa Twin

I bought for the top box.

It's universal as it is a Universal Product, but the feeling of Fit is not good. Many Motorcycles think that they will set up Side Stand and lock Handlebar to Left, but do not consider it. Handlebar Lock and cover Cover, Left Side is too much, Right Side is not enough. Are you considering using Big scooter?

It is difficult to recognize the front and back, but at first it is confusing but it can be distinguished by the color of the edge of the hole for lock.
The position of the hole through which the lock passes is far and the lock chain is difficult to pass through.

There is a small hole that seems to let moisture escape to the Handlebar section, but I wonder if I can escape moisture with such a small hole.

It was Just fit to Screen Cover and to StandardScreen of Africa Twin.

With Seat part and Belt on the hem with a string and it can be squeezed to reduce Floppy. I had Velcro to keep the extra strings squeezed out, I admired the fine consideration.

The Cover used in the front car CB 1100 was a special item and it was nothing more than a Just fit so it has been severely evaluated.

I am looking for a Brake lever as I am concerned about OEMLever and Piston, or because I care about Clearance, I tried KDX 125's Short lever because I did not have any other company product because it is a special shape mechanism, So I decided to attach it.

If it does not work, I can return it to the OEM, so this price is OK.

I tried placing it as it is, and I usually attach it.

It is natural that it was done beforehand by Fitting.

Although I want Clearance of about one sheet of paper to press Piston, it will be a little pushy.

I hit the dust cover, so I'm curious.

So cut the pusher a little and adjust the angle and Size you hit.

It was satisfactory finish.

* However, since it is attached to a vehicle that is not in the car model setting, we will not recommend to other vehicles.
If you want to replace, please choose OLE or other Manufacturer's Lever set obediently.

crf I delivered it for 1 month, but I felt the low Torque shortage and purchased. Installation was done according to instructions, and it was completed in about one hour while taking a rest. Gasket on the Engine side did not peel off by all means, I painted liquid Gasket from above, but Gas leak does not seem to appear. From now on I'd like to realize how much Torque has gone up in real runs.

I bought it because the load capacity is bigger than other carriers.
I also like the design at Slim.
The difficulty is to use OEM's Color to pass Bolt on the Seat side, but the gap is narrow, making it difficult to attach / detach Seat.

When Drain bolt is removed (It is time to exchange Oil) I always try to replace it. Oil It seems that it plays a solid role because there is not always evidence of leakage or bleeding. Because it is cheap Parts, let's exchange it all the time!

Since Motorcycle is in Garage, there is no worry of rain, but I bought it for Dust and anti-theft.
"Compatible model" MT 0 9 Racer was not mentioned, but judging from the published Motorcycle, probably I'd like to order an order whether Large is durable. As a result, it was Large enough for Racer.
Because we are wearing GIVI's Monokey base, the total length of Motorcycle is growing a bit but there is no problem.

Below, I feel that it is good.

Cover for Windshield protection is attached
- Cover itself is thick. Pe LePera I do not feel it
- The colors of the front and rear Chain through holes have been changed, and the front and rear are easy to understand
- Price cut off 10,000 yen
- Also the hem is long, the front and back Tire also fits snuggly

The point that I felt it was one more thing.
- There is an air intake in the part covered with Mirror, but even if you cover Cover, the intake is closed, so I do not feel much sense.
- From the experience so far, the cord that squeezes the hem will become harder with aged deterioration. The string of this product will probably be that way. I think that it is good if it is a string that raised Rank a little more.

Well, it's a detailed point, so there's nothing wrong with a bad point.

It is the best thing about Large that being solidly made.

I had a load capacity of 7 kg, I also liked Simple Design and purchased it. The finish of the exterior was beautiful and the assembly precision was no problem.
However, although it is assembling, although it is the assembly of Bolt on the Seat side, it is very hard to do it because it is impossible to attach Carrier unless Seat is removed. From now on, when you remove Seat with BatteryMaintenance etc, you will have to do this hard-to-follow procedure,. I am glad if this point is improved. It is useful to be able to use it as a Grab Bar.

I like the Hook hook with unique shape rather than just the hook only load because it fits well in Design. Although it could be mounted on the CRF 250 Rally, if you do not gradually tighten the Bolt at the stage of installing slightly it will cause twisting and the phenomenon that the screw hole will not fit appears.

There is no Instruction Manual on how to install! Advertising flier Quantity : 1pc. It is only attached. I'm surprised. I tried to attach it probably, but I am worried that I do not know whether this is correct or not.

Originally I felt there was a low-speed power, but I felt that I was lucky, between 5 thousand revolutions and 6 thousand revolutions, I was feeling a lack of power, even though I ran at 6th speed, There were also scenes that dropped to the 5th gear when cruising, but cruising with 6th gear became very easy after installing PowerBox. The top blow is still the same, if you expect it, you may need to replace the Exhaust System.