Kapasitas Mesin 49cc
Horsepower Maksimum 5.5ps(4kw)/6250rpm
Torsi Maksimum 0.64kg・m(6.3N・m)/6000rpm
Berat Total 89kg
Kapasitas Tangki 5.4 Liter

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Headline Bulb of DR-Z 400SM has expired so I bought it.

Because I thought that it was a cheap Parts without permission, "It is quite expensive ..." I thought, but it may not be only that cheap Parts originally ...

Good quality, Smooth when installed.
I think that it got brighter than NORMAL.
After that, it is perfect if you go through a car inspection.

PH8 seems to have little inventory of mass merchandisers, and those who bought at a shop like webike certainly get it. Moreover, it is cheaper compared to mass merchandisers.

It arrived right away. I installed it and the brightness seems to be Large durable.
I have not installed it yet, but I do not think there is any problem.
I'm glad I could purchase good items.

Brake Shoe has bought only Vesla products.
A few Manufacturer items that you can purchase with confidence.

At the end of Vesla's model number "S" With Spring is attached.

I laddered a number of mass merchandisers but still we do not stock 6 volt bulbs...
We thought that there was always a Big, but it was still there!
It is truly!

High performance Iridium plugs completely different from Normal plug. The 9th Plug is concerned about the performance in the low revolution range, but Windshield IRIDIUM shows that the performance of the Engine is derived from the low revolution to the high revolution.

Brake of solitary solo became disappearing, so cleaning is a replacement.
Among numerous Shoe, we have Big stock and JAPAN is the deciding factor of purchase.

It will be a comparison with OEM, but it was one choice if you thought about ease of availability without any possibility.
Because Spring is also coming and this price, COSPA is also good.

I bought it as a spare for SUZUKI RG 80E.
I usually have B8ES.
Plug has electrical equipment, but I have not attached it. There is no comparison.
I hope I should check it badly.

When you apply Brake, it will work with a feeling that you feel relaxed. This feeling, hey disc - Would it be similar to Brake? Compared to this, the OEM is effective, and when Tire is Poor, it seems like a slippery feeling.