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In the case of the SR 400 OEM's Reserve tank integrated Master cylinder, Parts itself will inevitably become Large, so Handlebar replacement etc etc. , Custom around the Handlebar may interfere with fine adjustment of the positional relationship of each part. As this product is separate from the Reserve tank, compared with OEM, the degree of freedom of the installation position is high, it is a nice point for the Custom faction.

By the way, Brake's Fing Ring itself changes obviously compared to OEM.

OEM 's Master cylinder is early Touch, the rise of braking is relatively strong and it is clearly clear, there is no change in braking force which is too large even if gradually grasping from there, a certain pressure is applied Wherever, it was Fei Ring that seemed to work strongly, but I did not like it much.

On the other hand, this product often says "Linear" It is effective. The braking force rises to Smooth by the grasping amount. I think that the diameter of Master cylinder may be different from OEM, but obviously the controllability has improved.

Of course, I think that adjustment can be done by characteristics of Brake line and Pad, so it is only comparison with Master cylinder.

Also, the Lever position adjustment mechanism of the Dial formula, which is not found in the OEM, was delightful. It can be adjusted in a moment without tools.

Wiring processing of Brake switch is necessary, but it is not so difficult task, so if you are familiar with terminal processing work, Wiring processing will end within 5 minutes.

YZF-R1 (2013) In use.

As you can see in the item description, the color of the hole through which the key can pass is divided so it is hard to make a mistake in the front and back.
This is saved to the plain. Because it makes me feel like wasting my time just by making mistakes in front and back ...

Because the One-touch belt can pass under the car body this is also high point.
And Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Since both are removable, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) You can remove either side well on the wall without problems.

Also, as the lining is made of a soft material, whether it is harder to scratch than just Cover.

Compared to the Type with a through hole in Ring, Cable lock is hard to pass because it is a little Small to say it is stronger, but I guess it is useless because I'm singing Waterproof
As it comes with a carrying bag like it is, once you take it out of the box it's almost impossible to store it in that Size because there is also a lining relationship (Lol)
I think that it is better to put in other goods and make effective use.

Although it is stopped under the stairs, rain etc. rain etc etc. There is currently no flood at. Regarding durability, looking at the future ... is not it (Lol)

It's been over 4 months since I started using it, but as of now there is no rain leak and no problem.
Material was sticky and at first was uneasy, but I did not peel off the surface slurping process, I was relieved.
I think that it is easier to put on and peel off without stickiness.
It was a good size for MT-09 TRACER.
I thought that it would be even better if there are ingenuity such as changing colors for the sake of distinguishing between front and back.
I am satisfied with this price with this quality.

I go to Race at Yoshimura head to XR 100 MOTARD.
Designation of YOSHIMURA is not NGK, but I have experienced some regret with Plug other than NGK, and I am currently using NGK regularly. Even if asked what the difference in honest performance is satisfactory, I can not reply satisfactorily, but if there is a sense of security Race will be quite easy. Since Race is asked for a result by Race until being checkered, we will not choose anxiety factor.

I am using Normal master of Big 1. It is a heavyweight car with a reputation for bad effect of Brake, but I like Large and have been riding for many years. Previously, I was satisfied with replacing it with a famous Manufacturer's Sintered pad. Due to the fact that I got used to it, I felt recently that it was not so effective. Although it was a Manufacturer item which I did not know at all, I purchased it thought that I tried it while it was a little expensive. The result is ... the highest than I imagined? I feel like replacing the Caliper. Good rise, you can get enough braking power when you grasp. I'm considerably more than the list price, I think that there is no hand to buy.

I've been using NGK plugs in V4 Hondas for the past 28 years and never had an issue with them. Always replace at the manufacturer's recommended intervals. Webike have one if he best, if not the best price for these plugs.

The shape of the tip is slightly different from OEM. I feel a sense of incompatibility when I put on Rubber cap.

Seal tape winds in the reverse direction, not in the tightening direction.

Noticing that Brake fluid seeped out of Caliper's Air breeder
Rust was amazing as I removed it. Indeed when I thought this was dangerous, I found this product
Replaced. As I wrote that the installation was to tighten Seal tape one half turn and tighten
I rolled Emon's Seal tape. It looks more modest to the ground.
If you think that you could buy safety cheaply in the long run as it will not rust.

By the way, by wrapping a Seal tape, it seems that it is possible to prevent the Brake fluid from bleeding out of the thread during the air removal work.
I wrote it as a reference, since I did not write to absolutely roll it, I thought whether it is not necessary to wind Tape.

Noticing that Brake fluid seeped out of Caliper's Air breeder
Rust was amazing as I removed it. Indeed when I thought this was dangerous, I found this product
Replaced. As I wrote that the installation was to tighten Seal tape one half turn and tighten
I rolled Emon's Seal tape. It looks more modest to the ground.
If you think that you could buy safety cheaply in the long run as it will not rust.

Golden Pad is backed by many Riders.
I use it with Ritter OverMachine both in this model, but I am not dissatisfied with fee Ring and braking performance.
However, I think that it is impossible for other companies to say that more expensive Pad is on sale, and that Brake Pads is the best.
It is rude to Mr. DAYTONA if it says without being possible and not possible, but there is no problem as to the case of using the Touring or the Rider going to the pass lightly.
The sensitive Rider who feels the difference of Brake Pads seems to be complaining, but I use it without any complaints.

I bought it for measures against the rainy season of W800.
The conformity size of W800 is 3L, but it is suitable taking into consideration the actual dimensions
Buy street 3 L. As a result, W800 had no problem with 3L.
With Handlebar Lock on Side Stand all front wheels hidden,
NORMAL's W800 is a little big impression.
It will be completely covered.

The texture of the fabric is very soft, it is thick like a feeling close to Rubber.
Although it also has weight, it makes it harder for the wind to flutter on the contrary, and the sound also
I wonder if it will make it hard to get out. (Maybe)
Since we have not yet rained firmly for a couple of days
I do not understand well, but I think that waterproof nature can be expected quite a bit.
Watching is how long the durability is.

Mostly I do not use Rear brake but I was getting into iron Pad beforehand, I can scrape gorillor it is soft.
I thought whatever the Rear pad would do, but the way of thinking changed with this Pad.

I exchanged Rear Brake Pads.
The last time we exchanged was 48,518 kilos, and this time it is 71011 kilos, so Besla's Brake Pads has about 22,500 kilos.
Because OEM was about 8000 km of Life, Vesra's Metal pad is awesome durability.
Moreover, I will be able to go a little if I do my best.
Awesome Bethra.
If you compare Brake Pads you used up to now easily, it will be OEM <DAYTONAGold <Bethra METAL.

OEMPin has deteriorated, so I replaced it with another company product.

I was worried about fixing with β Pin, but I was relieved because it stopped properly.

There was also a hole for Wiring so fixed Wiring.

The construction is solid and the place of the seam is Waterproof processed and I think that it is a good product as Waterproof purpose.
There are 3 points that are subtle.
The first is that the fabric is thick and hard, so Mirror may move when you put it on.
Second, my ZEPHYR is Up Handle
Because Mirror is also long, we will have a place where Front tire does not suffer a little.
Thirdly, there was processing like back brushed so that Body was not easily scratched, which was also the reason why I chose this product, but after the rain, etc. I left the Cover in a place I left it Is bad and conversely sand and soil adhere to the raised fabric
On the contrary, I use mind.

However, since I bought a point of purchase, I would like to see durability afterwards.

I installed it on Front of NSR 250 of MC21 but it was pretty good, especially Brake's control became very easy ^ - ^ Although it is a metal pad, but Touch is pretty soft and it is easy to use anyway. The braking system of nsr 250 has a lot of braking power, but because Control is not good, σ (^_^;) This Pad expands the range of Control (^ ^) I used PROject μ and Vesla, but this Pad of SBS was the most in NSR (^ & ome