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【ALBA】Cover Jok (Buatan Jepang)

Harga: Rp721,000

*Termasuk PPN 10%

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Shipping point: 4.1 pts ( 4.1 pts x 1qty)
DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • Nomor Produk:
    • ZGMHCH1031C20P40

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ALBA Bagian Nomor : HCH1031-C20P40
Warna : Sampul putih
Red Piping
penggantian Jenis


ALBA (ALBA) Buatan Jepang Seat Cover sepenuhnya UNTUK produksi MODEL JEPANG. Keakuratan cetakan sangat baik. Juga, Material (Kulit ari) Saya memilih dengan hati-hati dan itu akan sangat Beauty setelah pertukaran. Dengan membuat produksi untuk MODEL UNTUK JEPANG, kontrol kualitas canggih telah dimungkinkan. Produk ini mengencangkan dengan Air Tucker Spec. Dengan demikian, PRO telah menjadi kualitas tertinggi meyakinkan. Silakan pergi ke Air Tucker untuk perbaikan.


* Gambar ini hanya untuk referensi. Ini mungkin berbeda dari produk yang sebenarnya. Karena karakteristik dari kulit asli, gambar mungkin berbeda dengan produk yang sebenarnya.
* 2 jenis : Staple jenis Gun reupholster dan jenis yang meliputi. Perbedaan tidak ditampilkan dalam gambar.

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  • Tulis Ulasan

    I changed the color when changing torn Seat Outer Cover and tried it fashionably.
    Dirt seems to be conspicuous, but this time we choose White ground. It is good to have more choices of Piping colors.
    I think that Fitting and constructability are not different from other Seat cover.
    Is not it better than Seat of bad name Honda for durability?

    The Draping process was not processed for the concavities and convexities of Seat exclusively for the car model, and the leather dough was just cut appropriately.
    Actually the length was short and stopping with Tucker did not match the dimensions, it did not stretch easily, it was strange Large strange.
    If you do this, you can make home cheaply for those who bought leather fabrics at home center or like Tokyu Hands. It is truly unbelievable business to say that selling such a thing exclusively for a car model this time.

    I bought it for for ADDRESS 110. This time I will not cover the change type, but choose the type to cover. There is also a solid thickness of the fabric itself, Cover size is also Just fit !!
    It was a product that changed satisfaction with Large. I think that it is a convincing price in terms of product quality.

    It did with sufficient perseverance using the Dryer, looking at guidance of HP.splendid, if it is alike for the first time and carries out, although wrinkles still remained for a while! Since it is a re-covering sheet only for
    vehicle type, a thing without the necessity of finally cutting remainder also has little time and effort, and is easy.It was good shopping.

    It is not dissatisfied in a product. Those who are using the Rear carrier of the KIJIMA need to keep in mind that it is
    . The Rear carrier of the
    KIJIMA should also be using and fixing the hole vacant on the sheet.
    There is no hole in this sheet. If required, there is only making a hole by oneself.
    It will be serious if the hole vacated at this time is not processed exactly.

    It is re-covered in a part without a Slit line, a Logo, etc. of a pure sheet, and about about 1 hour of what is inferior in texture if it compares that it is pure, and is a just fit result, and they are goods which can be satisfied very much also in price. I thought that color, specification, etc. should just have a Variation more also by
    since color was one Type which is 1 color of black.
    -- for the time being -- this sheet -- satisfaction and satisfaction!
    -- however -- !. Some day, he buys the new article of a pure sheet and it shows it. but splendid -- a price is carried out -- being やろな -- a cheek.

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