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【K-FACTORY】Jalu As Roda Depan

Harga: Rp1,424,000

*Termasuk PPN 10%

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • 179LZBI073B

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[Bahan] Slider : DURACON (dengan Logo K-FACTORY)
[Warna Pelat Dasar] Braket Emas


Ini mengurangi kerusakan pada saat kecelakaan, dan lebih lanjut berpakaian UP!

Ini mengurangi kerusakan bagian poros poros selama kecelakaan.
Slidernya memiliki logo K-FACTORY yang terbuat dari DURACON.
Warna pelat dasar diganti menjadi [Tetap Emas] , dan lebih modis di kaki.


* Isinya sedikit berbeda tergantung jenis kendaraannya.
* Ini memiliki variasi warna sedikit tergantung pada lot karena anodized khusus.
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    Gold on the base plate suits the OHLINS Fork and luxury up.

    Normal fork, it can also be mounted on SPL OHLINS.

    It installed in 06 MODEL of CBR 1000 RR.
    Since I was also wearing the same Axle Slider in the CB 400 SF that I was riding the previous time, I bought 06-07 for car type, MODEL exclusively but this time Bolt on the Brake side is long! It happened to have a short Bolt on hand I was disappointed with Manufacturer, but I doubt whether it did properly Fittingtest.I would like the user not to let the parts go out.I do not want you to write it as a special MODEL in Package! It is forbidden!

    There are various Manufacturers but I adopted it with price and appearance. Although I do not know the performance unless I do it in practice, I do not want to take care of this Slider.

    Easy to install and easy to install and purchased for slight reduction of Damage when falling down. I am praying that I do not have topple yet and I do not need to use it for the moment.

    Although it was said to be for 06-08 year type, I purchased it for 14 year model because Axle Shaft and ProductNo of Front fork are the same
    Although the installation direction was reversed from the instruction manual, the installation itself was made without any problem

    OHLINS Rewinded to erect, standing upside down history is Zero but installed as insurance.
    I am satisfied with the product, but as long as it is erect Fork 【Idyllic】 I feel it..
    The Gold color Fork itself is tough, but the one attached to the Inverted Front Fork fits neatly.

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