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it needs some adjustment, I need to cut open some of the lower parts to fit the exhaust pipe and the lower crankcase. Side stand part doesn't fit correctly need to cut some part of it also.

I thought that I would carry out a fender less all the time.
Although I was allowed to attach four stars, the quality and user-friendliness of goods are perfect! However, depending on liking of - and an owner, it will become a demerit mark point a little with a body color, since setting out of a color has only silver.
It was a five stars when setting out of the color increased to a slight degree.

At the time of Touring with high speed, Axel's reworking has come to age every year, and High Solo has been concerned for a long time ago. Because I felt troubled somewhat on the Throttle side, I was told that it is easy if I exchange Plate. Plate exchange itself is easy and can be crisp even by myself clumsy. Adjustment of Wire is somewhat crowded. Although it is used impression, since it becomes AxelWide opening, acceleration accelerates.

As it is attached at the same time as Middlefootpeg, it is not an evaluation of only Handlebar, but it became clearly able to drive comfortably. Because the width is narrow and it comes to you, all operations are easy to do.
Installation was not evaluated as it was Shop.

I was wondering about purchasing without becoming familiar with ForwardPosition, but as this product came out, I purchased Xdiavel. It will not become Rear Sets, but it will be close to the Position of NORMALNAKED, so stop on Corner, change Shift etc.. Merit is quite a lot. It was said from the fellow Harley ride that it seems to be cramped, but this Position is better able to beat down without anxiety.
Since installation was Shop, it is not evaluated.

I installed it in Street Fighter 848.
The replacement work itself is simple and easy. Since the fixing hole is also opened in advance, no additional work was necessary.
But, the position of the fixing hole on the Throttle side is not good.
The angle where the hanging angle does not have just the Handlebar (The angle at which it becomes the highest) , Accelerator Wire hits Tank when trying to fully lock to Right.

If it is set at an angle that can avoid this, it is unpleasant that it hangs with a hanging angle. STREET type Handlebar So this angle is a bit - - -
However, since there are even holes in two places, I do not want to add any more. Moreover, since it becomes close to the existing hole when opening it, the anxiety remains strengthally.

Since it can not be helped, I think I will adjust the handle stopper.

Before OEMHandlebar 3. Aperture comes out about 5 cm, the height is 3. It rose about 5 cm, so we decided to take good care of driving.

For current MONSTER this time (DEP010) Is S4R ('05) Purchase once with a pillar. (Although there was an answer that I can not use it even before listening to Manufacturer in advance - - - )

The direction of the long hole first was different. (Should I buy another 916 or 996?)

Also, the S4R has an escape of adjustment Bolt ?, there is no escape, so I made additional processing.

Horizontal hole addition work, adjustment Bolt? Escape hole processing done, and Bolt tightening, it was possible to mount once.
With self-responsibility (^ ^;

I really like this item and i'm totally happy for the Japan weblike services . The staff here was fast and kind. I will buy again on this web site .