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H.Craft menyediakan produk cetakan ulang untuk motor lawas seperti Kawasaki 500SS dan KH series. Anda bisa menemukan regulator, ignition coil, dan perlengkapan elektronik lainnya untuk modifikasi motor tahun 70 hingga 80-an.

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A friend asked me to purchase it.
86 'Because the CDR of NSR was bought, I bought this merchant,
My friend said that he was in a better condition than the CDI before the collapse, well turning, tight skill was good.
Because OEM Product does not go out, I think that it is better than buying used CDI.

Although there is no problem with the way the Engine rotates, occasionally idling increases by about 500 rpm and becomes unstable AX - 1.
CarburetorO / H (Gasket, O-ring, Diaphragm exchange) , Plug exchange, Air filter exchange.
Ignition coil / Cable / Pulse generator related resistance, Earth, Insulator loose confirmation. All default values ??seem to have no problem.
Although CDI was giving up in the out-of-print Manufacturer, if this product is H / P knowing, purchasing and exchange.
OEM and H. Craft made, Large Ki, Connector exactly the same. The only difference is that there is a protrusion at Center. Material : Because Rubber's CDICover and Resin do not stick together for air cooling?

As a result of the installation, Idling was stable and there was no problem of a rise in rotation.
Thanks to you, I was able to extend my life!

I installed this plug cap to my Yamaha nmax 2016, very easy to insert to my brisk ar12zs spark plug ,the only drawback is to twist the Uma racing coil cable into the cap, it's very difficult because of the diameter size of the cap is quite small. Overall highly satisfied with my purchase.

Handling instruction manual is not a product, so some knowledge of electrical system is required.

In the case of KATANA, differences in Coupler and Spec of Grounding Wire. Be careful as the difference depends on the year.
We recommend you to confirm what you have on your vehicle once before purchase.

Since it corresponds to MFBattery, it also contributes to Battery's Small Type.

I use the Initial Model AX-1 for commuting but I hear that the Initial Model CDI will break well, so I bought it and replaced it before it broke. I have been running for over 1000 kilometers, but it is quite the same as OEM Product. OEM Product is appreciative as it is missing item. Although exchanging only removes Tank and replaces it, it is Large fun to remove CDICover from Tank ... The price is expensive but after 30 years ago, it is something that I am saving just because it is the Motorcycle before about 30 years ago.

I bought it though I was concerned that there was no User Impression in the top ranking of sales Ranking. The result came back to original soon, it turned out to be bad. The installation method may be bad, it may be the initial malfunction of the product. However, since I had confirmation items at the time of installation, I contacted Wa BigSupport but the contact came a week later.
I was told that the manufacturer is busy so I do not feel like receiving Support again.
It seems that we are not a Manufacturer capable of general User.
It will not be the product impression, but it was Out as a result.

Good shopping as reputed was made (* '艸)

Because my Motorcycle Regulator punctured, I came across this item looking for a new one ♪

Also I would like to purchase if there is a chance ♪

Since it is an old Motorcycle, I installed a voltmeter for Motorcycle and I always watched the voltage.
Since it was a considerably higher voltage display than usual at the start of one day, we purchased an OEM recti
I examined the price, but because the price was high I made it to HCraft's lectice.
I was worried that it will fit in the original installation position because it is considerably large from the OEM Product as shown in the attached picture,
The Recti Body could be installed in the same Mounting Bolt hole without any remodeling.
Wiring disconnects and purchases a new 6-pole connector and connects

I ran about 2000 km after installation, but the voltage is stable.