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Filter oli semi permanen dari PC RACING FLO menggunakan jaring stainless steel 304 yang awalnya dikembangkan untuk keperluan medis, dan bisa dibongkar pasang untuk memudahkan proses pembersihan. Filter poli PC RACING FLO dapat menyaring oli 7 kali lebih efektif dari filter oli OEM dan dapat mengurangi power loss mesin.

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I was able to use the product repeatedly over and over so I bought it for a car I'd like to ride yet.
I am sorry that there is no attached image,
Of course you can attach it with a pon.

Oil Although it does not understand the degree of effect because it is simultaneous, since it is pretty eye-sounding Mesh and magnet built-in, it seems to pick up Garbage considerably and I am looking forward to the next Oil exchange.

It seems that the role like Oil cooler is also true, I ran the national highway for about two hours during the day, but the fan was able to run comfortably almost without turning.

It is used only by CRF 250 R, but it was for the first time in 2014 formula for use and it was purchased for 2010 formula this time. Though purchased three years ago, the Rubber's Size was somewhat loose, this time there was a Gap of the turning axis of the Aluminum part in the Filter, but both are cleaning to the extent that performance is not problematic, every time Oil is exchanged It is dirty securely!

Dear Sirs, I have just picked up the ordered goods at customs and was a little surprised that only 1 Saddle Bag Support the packet was. Refer to the diagram I had assumed that they are a pair. I can not do anything As always 2 pieces will be needed with the supplied 1 piece. For all other Saddle Bag Support only one is displayed so that it is assumed that there is here a sample piece is but if a pair is ready to be expected even a pair. As the effort to the individual again to send to them is too great, I'll keep him but I am disappointed and would in future need to think carefully whether I still buy goods. MFG Stephan Kretschmar

外観は非常に美しい,組立/分解が非常に容易である,材質も非常に丈夫である,サドルバッグをつけて見た製品に異常がない,クロムメッキのために溶解したないようだ,いくつかの種類のサドルバッグを購入したいと思う It looks great and is easy to mount/dismount. Material is durable and there\'s no problem with the saddlebags mounted to it. Its chrome plated surface is so smooth you can hardly notice the welding. I\'m planning to purchase several kinds of saddlebags.

Very strong support, the steel bar is in great material, i have been using this for months under rain and sunny day outdoor, it is still like new with no rush at all, easy to install, beautiful product! Highly recommended for Estrella owners!

They are a few [ that SR400 can be equipped and ] Saddlebag supports made from a STAINLESS STEEL. Since it is the
STAINLESS STEEL, it is solid.

However, in a Tandem grip and simultaneous wearing, if it is not the thing which Bar is going up from an attachment part which is pure, it will interfere.
Since I had interfered too although I tried simultaneous wearing with the Tandem grip made from a DAYTONA (thing of the form which often exists if it is a Cafe-style), I had you process it in a store. it is called
> -- it divides and comes out and structure is perfect -- it is -- although -- they are four stars at the point that which Tandem grip is not good for simultaneous wearing.

Appearance and a size are as expected and it is a large satisfaction. It is likely to be hard to have a form collapse as the top plate of the product is a plastic. The interference to a muffler was also adjusted with a string between bags since it is 2 in 1. 2 in 2 one side muffler may not avoide to interfere. However, there is no capacity like the appearance. It may be like that. Since I bought it for the first time, I felt so. The internal surface is a material like corrugated paper, it may be damaged. Thinking that it is a medium size cruiser riding of appearance serious consideration primarily, and the appearance is important for a bag, comprehensive evaluation is 4 stars.

It purchased in order to store the handy machine of a ham radio in the circumference of a handle.
A size is also good exactly and it can also take out wiring and an antennas from a crevice.
I think that it shook moderately and has also missed the shock from a road surface this time since it fixed to the handle by the cable tie.
If it rains [ a little ], it seems to be OK, but a vinyl sheet is put from a top just to make sure, and the measures against rain are taken.