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Since it is not Nylon, it is hard to attach scratches, so it is good to stop at the place where the garage or the roof is located but I think that it is not suitable because it gets sticky to use to avoid morning dew, such as Camping,

Наклейка очень хорошего качества. В комплект входит сама наклейка, а так же салфетка для обезжиривания поверхности бака. The sticker is very good quality. The kit includes a sticker, as well as a napkin for degreasing the surface of the tank.(translated by Google Translator)

There are things that can be scratched with Vinyl's items in order to avoid getting wet with frost etc. when going out usually by Camping or staying, but since this product is made of cloth, it is used for prevention of Prank even when stopping a little on the street It is convenient because it is hard to scratch Cowl or Body, but Seat can not be used to prevent wetting.

Less choice carburetorSpec. It is an exhaust system for GRASS TRACKER.
Since making is good, there was no exhaust leakage from the intermediate Joint, and installation was completed in a short time. Large I'm satisfied..

I installed it in NS-1.
With personal feeling it is hello heroes up to 6000 rpm, but the first power band came from 7000 to 8000 rpm and the second power band came after 8500 rpm.
My vehicle is about 11000 and Power is ceasing (normal... ), So I am enjoying acceleration feeling rather than.
Silencer does not have a problem with respect to sound quality, but the Exhaust Chamber's Gold genus is thin, so the quinquin sounds.
Personally I do not like it much...
Performance is very good so please consider it!

It is an exchange from OEMExhaust System to Super trap.

MJ PJ PS JN put Washer and adjust the carburetor

Currently, when you purchase 5 discs, how many discs are there

Because I did not know whether it was included, disc also separately