It mounted a DOHC twin engine, that had been upgraded from the CB450 model, on its subdued body. It focused on the maneuverability at low-mid RPM, the quietness, and the environment compatibility.

Kapasitas Mesin 498cc
Horsepower Maksimum 41ps(30.0 kw)/8000rpm
Torsi Maksimum 3.8kg・m(37.3N・m)/7000rpm
Berat Total 210kg
Kapasitas Tangki 16.0 Liter

84 Produk

Produk Rekomendasi

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Ulasan Produk

Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

It chose by appearance.
A portion black when grasping is collapse.

Since oil change time came, it purchases in order to also exchange filters simultaneously.
I wanted red ....

It purchases in order to use by CBR1100XX.
For the time being, since it does not use yet, evaluation is suspended.
It is due to rise from now on.

After wavering with the zero gravity, it carried out here.
the ease also of being also qualitative -- it was good that it was right [ that ] (self-delusion) and with [ corresponding to an automobile inspection ] the marginal rubber.
3 mm in thickness is strong and it is actually good.
About attachment, it was easy.
However, if compared pure, there is a gap a little.
I think that it is a level to worry.
Although a smoked type order was placed this time, since the bottom 1/3 is dark smoke, the inside of a cowl cannot be easy to be seen.
If the hole (air duct ?) is merely open in this dark smoke subordinate part and rain, garbage, etc. enter Is it meaningful although he thinks that it does not enter privately?.
I think that something will close.
To the actual run, it became quite easy by ICHIMARUMARU kg~ICHIROKUROKU kg on the highway as which the protection-against-wind effect is not felt especially in running a public road with legal speed at the time of a run (various any more, since I was fearful, it was not able to take out).
However, it was worrisome that he gets the jitters and sound can be heard with BIBIBIBIBIBI.
If it gets used, there seems to be no problem.
Appearance also becomes smart synthetically and I think whether to be the better one since the physical feeling at the time of high speed operation was also made.
(I would like to have come to compare with ZEROGURA)

It attaches above all and safe.
This No. 1

Blue color of Anodized is gathered up as Accent in the whole of BlackBase.
I use it together with MASTERSinterCap of the same series

Bolt The direction of the cutout for RightLeft identification of the hole is upward or downward depending on the vehicle type or year, or Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) There seems to be a difference, Rutor saw Cut the interfering part