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I made this Filter the same as last time in the third Oil exchange.
Filter wrench is not required, there is no new expense, even in terms of performance
Since I could use it without problems, I would like to repeat it in the future.


I exchanged Plug because it exceeded 11000 km. Although it is an impression of about 500 km,
The attachment of Axel at 1500-3000 rpm improved, and the high rotation also turned well
I think. 5 speed 40 km is easier to run. Just 2000-3000 Partial
I feel that the area became irritable, and it became difficult to maintain a little with. I want to increase the vibration...
Because the heat value is not matched, the original Plug may be more comfortable for regular rotation. I am worrying about returning..
Looking at you..

I bought it for Yamaha MT-09 Racer.
I was relieved because BMW K - 100 RS which I was riding in was using K & N Filter again and again.
The good place of K & NOil Filter is convenient and comfortable to be able to be installed with Glasses without need of Filter wrench.
But the price is as high as the dimension. Is it something you can not do cheaper at a bit more.
I believe the performance is also good if the price is high ....

Postscript, O-ring Rubber is not attached, probably it is not necessary for this product separately.

The Cartridge type can be removed if there is a Double-end Wrench or Socket, so removing and installing is quite easy. From now on I think I will use K & NFilter every time.
Sticker is also on, so I felt a little get it.

Purchased with Pipe Handlebar Kit of the same Manufacturer.
I used this product as 12 mm color.
The tip of the Handlebar became high and the posture of the upper body became almost upright and the burden on the neck and waist was removed.
There is no processing such as interference to Tank or Screen or Length of Cable class.

I installed it in SC 57.
It is an impression of an amateur.

Full power
Power commander installation (Map is DL from Site)
Comparison with OEMPlug.

Idling is not stable.

It gets stuck at low rotation.
Especially when you start off on a town ride it will be noticeable.

Also, if you cruise around 4000 to 6000 turns, After Fireia will happen. "Pan!" Although it is not quite so good you will hear a pom-pombolic sound.

I feel that it is not much different from NORMAL around the power band.

Can you feel the difference when you run Circuit.
In town riding this plug was unnecessary.

Last time I made it to DAYTONAFilter, YOSHIMURAK & N this time. Performance can not be experienced, but as long as YOSHIMURA is written it will be believable. I have used a variety of YOSHIMURA products since long ago, but there is no break. The attached Gold color Sticker is also casually Parenthesis nice.
Because I also want to see 12 Nuts in my head, the exchange is very easy and happy, but do not forget to wrap your attention to overtight and Oil to Packing. It is a gem of recommendation.

When OEMFilter can not be obtained right away, etc., I purchase this product as a substitute item.
Filter wrench Ideas product is unnecessary HEX 17mm It is good to have the same size as Drain bolt.
Filter performance also unilaterally trusts that it is K & N.

Regarding the ability of Filter, I think that there is no big difference between products, but because the installed Motorcycle is NAKED, it looks good from outside as well, the Custom feeling is pretty.

As for the feature of the biggest Large of this product, again, it is Nut about the Filter tip.
Even without Filter wrench, 17 mm (Surely) You can easily remove it with Spanner or Wrench. Moreover, it seems that Socket can be used even during installation, Torque management is easy to manage. I've been Repeating this since I started to exchange Oil by myself and I will continue to use this Filter from now on.
I think that the essential performance is not inferior to OEM. It is an excellent Filter for Cost performance that I want to repeat.

I only used NORMAL's Plug, but I tried the Racing plug for the first time.
I recognized the difference from the moment I installed the Engine and attached it. It is also good and Idling is stable.
Clearly the Response was getting better.
As I actually ran, the feeling of Power increased and there was nothing wrong with it.
I will check it while using Plug life.

It is an exchange from OEMFilter.

I thought that it was somewhat expensive as it is a reliable Manufacturer's product, but I tried purchasing it.

As shown in the picture 6R, the Filter is located at the top of the Engine and it is hard to work very narrowly - -

I removed the OEM Product with Filter wrench, but the gap to put Filter wrench is also narrow. So when waste it waste oil was easily spilled around and was in trouble. I tried various methods such as Dustcloth and plastic bottle cut things (^ ^;

Next time I remove this Filter, I am expecting that it will be easy to work a little because I can remove it with a single Double-end Wrench.

[Webike Monitor] Although it was used with the Magnet of kijima last time [
> ], it changes into K&N this time. mono-lay besides
-- although it is high, an effect cannot be felt though natural. Although it is not a thing since it exchanges only about once for the
year, to the extent that it cares ... I think whether even if it is not the
Filter wrench, although the point which can be removed is kind, it is a function which is meaningless considering those who already have a Filter wrench.

Since it can be equipped with a wrench, it is convenient. It is not necessary to prepare a tool one by one as it does not need a filter wrench. Only this is chosen when changing by myself. I think that it is satisfactory for a flow and filtration performance since a problem has not occured in particular for the moment.