Brother of XL 250 who gained popularity.Exquisite matching of 4 stroke engine and long stroke suspension, demonstrates high running performance.Also adopt a flexible blinker to reduce damage when falling.

Kapasitas Mesin 124cc
Horsepower Maksimum 12ps(9kw)/9500rpm
Torsi Maksimum 0.97kg・m(9.5N・m)/8000rpm
Berat Total - kg
Kapasitas Tangki - Liter

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Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

I use it for brembo 4 pot, Radial master and Front brake.
Outstanding operability and braking power are demonstrated except when it is extremely cold.
I am using this series since Normal caliper.

Also, I will purchase it when I go down.

BONNEVILLET100 (Air cooling model) I installed it in Front of.
Caliper and disc are still NORMAL.

The Pad I have used up to now is OEM → Bethra METAL → RKMega alloy → Metallica Normal specifications → PROJECT μ μSpital METAL this time.

BONNEVILLE 's Front brake is ineffective, so I tried Pad replacement for the braking force but Vesla and RK were almost unchanged from OEM, Metallica Normal specificationsPad was quite effective and satisfied.
Just saying it works well, I was looking for a Pad that can be full Brake even with a slightly weaker force, when I was in full Brake, I needed to grab Lever with a lot of strength..

Metallica Normal specifications or better Pad is a thing of for Race, but RacePad that can be used for BONNEVILLE's one-touch 2 PODCaliper did not exist but it was giving up, but Brake Pads's Lineup When I was looking out at the bot, I caught this Pad by chance.
Although it seems to be a famous Manufacturer for 4 wheel Brake Pads, the popularity of Pad for two wheels seems to be different as it seems to be, as there is not much information found even in the Net, there was also a bit uneasy but it is used for Normal caliper of BONNEVILLE It is possible to for RacePad so I tried buying it unexpectedly.

The thickness of the back plate is about 4 mm as same as Metallica, and Edge of Plate may be Laser cut perhaps because it is sharp like Metallica.
Braking force when Pad is cold is the same as Metallica Normal specifications.
I think that it will not warm up in town unless deliberately repeating full Brake.

Running at high pace at Winding and warming up Pad will demonstrate braking power over Metallica NORMAL.
If you attach RacePad to a regular Motorcycle, it seems that it may be difficult to get on in public roads because it is too effective, but Brake of BONNEVILLE is so effective that I finally got this Pad and it looks like a normal Motorcycle.
I do not feel difficult to get on because it exerts the braking force as much as I grasped Metallica.

I thought about replacing Caliper and disc but thought that this Pad was enough for running public roads.

Just my BONNEVILLE is exchanged for Radial master, Front fork spring is also exchanged for Other Company Product, and Fork oil's oil level is also adjusted so you may get a different impression from Full normal car body.

It is attached to the NSR 250 R MC 21.
Since it is the use of Touring degree, I chose Material for STREET.

Since it is a vehicle 25 years ago, the Rotor at the time of installing a new car has reached the limit and it is necessary to exchange the Rotor.
Recently Rotor made in China is sold cheaply but it is a thing related to life so I was looking for domestic production.
Although there was only Rotor of a certain company in the candidate, we had consultation with Advantage for the low degree of Custom, so we made for NSR.
MotoGP Moto2 & Moto3Class is also used in Rotor Performance, as well as the beauty of appearance coupled with the degree of Custom.

When I wearing and running, the behavior of Brake became straightforward and Riding became fun.

I am using the combination of SUNSTAR φ 320 Rotor and Brembo cast for GPZ 900 R.
This combination is already about five years, but I do not feel like turning it into another brand.
This Pad has a braking force that Frame will bend, and for Touch it definitely claps from the beginning, but it is easier to understand the addition and subtraction, which is easy to understand, from the beginning to the end TouchControl is easy to do. And is this characteristic of Ceramic sintered, I do not really eat Rotor. I finally decided to exchange Rotor this time, but now Rotor is 140. I brought 000 km.
Regarding the price aspect, although the purchase price is certainly higher than others, if you think of Total's Cost performance, it is not that it is not too expensive.

We used it for the durability of Sodegaura that took place in January following the endurance of autumn.
Although it is proved that it is perfect for performance, it is the first time to use it in winter.

I was worried about saying a brand-new Pad, midwinter, but if you put it in firmly it will show you enough performance.
However, this time the vehicle is SmallEngine Displacement Volume for Large Course and there is almost no opportunity for hard brake, so it may be a different feeling in the Large Engine Displacement Volume.

I bought it for WR250x for Front.
I got lost as Golden of DAYTONA, but I bought this.
Because I have not used it yet, I do not know the effect.
I feel like I look a bit thinner

We are using Honda FUSION after reselling.
The MASTER diameter is 14 mm (for PCX etc. 1 / 2) and Large Komeida
Because it is a car model, "It gets so effective as to hold it if you hold it"
Hyper carbonPad - The characteristic of the reform,
It is very tough on the streetcar.
Initial braking is done with Front brake in the body bank
It is gentle enough to adjust the speed, if you hold it
Caliper's base plate or something
After twisting, it demonstrates powerful braking power that can lock Tire.
The initial braking is calm Pad, BreakingPoint
It is advantageous for the closed closed course.
In public road driving, other cars' unexpected interruption and to the RoadSIDE store in front of the car
A moment when there is no choice but to enter Panic Brake such as entering the store
I will come abruptly.
On the material of Pad, temperature dependence is also high, so in such a situation
My heart will pop out from my mouth!.
The braking force from 80 kilometers or more is wonderful, but ...
This Pad is a Double disk car, Mini circuitetc. It is better for self-running to
I think that it is a thing to use.