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YAMAHA BWs50 (Zuma, MBK Booster)

Unique, more enjoyable scooter BW 'S (Bewis).
wide bar handle, spacious seat, extra foot space.
Secure space of approximately 23 liters of space under the seat.
Because you can unlock by main key operation, you can open with one hand.
Also equipped with a helmet holder that can hang a helmet on.
Also equipped with a convenient inner pocket for storing small items under the handle.
500 ml of plastic bottle will enter. Equipped with convenient folding convenience hook *.
When not in use, fold refreshingly.

Kapasitas Mesin 49cc
Horsepower Maksimum 4.5PS/8,500r/min
Torsi Maksimum 0.43kgf・m/6,500r/min
Berat Total 92kg
Kapasitas Tangki 4.5L Liter


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Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

They are use and exchange from an authentic positive one in the front of NINJA250R.
Although it is not a pad of the type which is effective with Gatun like in play [ of you ], in proportion to the input of a lever, damping force increases certainly.
I think that control nature is also good, and it can recover in comfort also when it trespasses upon a corner with an overspeed.
The exchange from an authentic positive one is also completely comfortable, and powerful damping force is acquired with the operation feeling of pad exchange former.
Since the thickness of a pad is together in it being pure, the way which was run 9 or 000 km and which is seldom expected may say a life.

Aprilia RS125 MY08 Although IW01-31 (an equivalent for NGK No. 10) is usually used for racing chamber specification, only a winter season raises the main jet No. 1, and is using IW01-29 (an equivalent for NGK No. 9).

It is cool.
It becomes a quite good accent.

Setting parts are indispensable to a big cab wearing vehicle.

Pains was taken over attachment although he planned to have understood structure.
Although he wanted a little more intelligible description, a price may also be cheap, and it may be very easy if it gets used.

It purchased to setting of vm18 carburetor.
Although it was thin touch with the normal jet, since there was no telling whether it should be made how much deep, when it worried about what No. will be purchased, this product was discovered and was ordered immediately.
Although normal is No. 35, since this set is a three-piece set of 37.5, 40, 42.5, and 2.5 units, it is virtue rather than purchasing one piece at a time.
Setting is also easy, and the accuracy of the jet itself is good and it has satisfied it very much.
Since it is fine components, if it is entering a dedicated case, I will merely think that it was still better.

When installing on SEROW 225-3 rw 1, you can not go inside the Caliper unless you scrape Pad 3 or more.
It seems there are no problems with other impresses, so I think whether there are variations in the product.

I am going to ask PRO for troublesome work.
Brake Pads of owned Motorcycle is also regrettable because it was product of KITACO company and there was no defect.