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【Matris】Rear shock M46K

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • 009-MS105.11K

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Model yang Sesuai:

GSX-R600 04-05

GSX-R750 04-05

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Type:M46Type K

[Technical Data]
Compression (pressure side):O27-stages
Rebound (extended side):Rebound (Elongation Side )
Spring Preload Adjustment Function:○
Pre-road adjustment:○
Hydraulic Preload Adjuster:Option


Selected Materials
The DamperHead, Piston, Cylinder, Preload AdjusterNut and Double Nut are all made of the lightweight and high-strength Duralumin 7075. It has undergone a high-precision machine cut and hard anodized aluminum treatment to give it a high level of durability..

NC Cutting Body
Matris does not use a cast body, which makes up a large majority of the ShockUnit bodies on the market, but instead uses NC cutting despite the higher cost of casting..
There are several reasons for this, as described below.
First of all, it is by far the strongest.
Compared to castings that are poured into molds, solid wood cut-outs are superior in terms of strength, and are the best choice for suspensions that are used under severe conditions..
And it's not only for race use, but also for street youths who need to use it for years to come, which is why it's such a large advantage..
Secondly, the profile can be easily changed.
The profile can be easily changed by the computer in NC cutting without using a mold..
This allows us to upgrade in detail and reduce development costs, resulting in a better product to market..
And it's very beautiful..
Sharp lines and gloss of hard anodized aluminum processing and machined Duralumin for durability..
The body, which has been thoroughly trimmed down to the inside of the nut and reservoir tank, has an outstanding presence even among the expensive SUPER SPORTS750's Replacements, and will satisfy the desire for ownership..

[Spec. ]
Chrome coating piston rod
M46KMODEL's Piston Rod is Chrome coatingSpec..

2-Way Adjustment Mechanism
M46KMODEL has a 2-way mechanism for easier adjustment of damping force, and is equipped with a ride height adjustment function for some vehicle models..

Preload Adjuster
The basic MODEL is equipped with the ring nut type Preload Adjuster and the hydraulic Preload Adjuster which is easy to adjust by the MODEL can be installed..

Nitrogen gas sealed reservoir tank
To prevent cavitation caused by the violent movement of the piston rod, all models are equipped with a Nitrogen gasTank of size Large whenever possible..
Keeping high pressure inside Cylinder prevents cavitation, high durability, and error in setting..


*Please note that the product specification may change due to manufacturer reasons.
*The specification and price of the product are subjected to be change without prior notice.
*Please note that the color of the product may look different from the actual product.
*There are cases that the product might be discontinue without prior notice.
*Some vehicle does not have a vehicle height adjustment function.
*The mounting length adjustment range changes slightly.
*Standard spring rates are set at 65-75 kg body weight (including equipment)
*If you have different weight, please specify 5N/mm. Spring rate change is free of charge at the time of purchase.
* Gambar hanya sebagai referensi dan dapa

Model yang Sesuai

    • GSX-R600 04-05
    • GSX-R750 04-05

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