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ai-net menyediakan berbagai spare part untuk motor mini seperti mesin big bore, suspensi, tangki, spakbor, hingga fairing.

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Just received it in the mail. Extremely well packed. Had fingerprints, that polished off easily. No scratches, very good quality. Great colour rendering in bright or even low sunlight. Great addition to my bike. Can't beat the price, the quality, the look. Highly recommended.

I do not know because it is not disassembled, but Switch does not come back before 2 months since I started using it, Brake is no longer lit...

I know the structure, but Spring may have dropped out or it may have been damaged.

I think that it is very cheap so I can not complain, but since it is a part related to the lighting of Brake, I think that it is safe and sure to purchase an OEM Product obediently.

Since the shape is the same as OEM Product, I think that the point is good because you can attach the same kind with reference to the picture.

It is used for installation on VANVAN 200, Review at the end of 2 years.
■ General ■
? I have weight.. I think that it is basic Handlebar Mounting, so I think that there is little influence on maneuverability.
? Although there are also Review that rust is easy, Bolt kind is certainly easy to rust. Rust inhibitor does not rust so much like a photograph with spraying and washing with legume. However, Bolt of the Handlebar attachment part quickly became red, so I replaced it for Stainless Steel.
Windshield's transparency and SmallWound do not matter too much after 2 years.
Mounting ? Accuracy ■
? I do not feel high accuracy is high, but it is enough for practical use.
? Although I saw somewhere in the restaurant saying that it is difficult to install, temporarily tighten in order of Handlebar section → Arm section → Screen Body (It does not move even if it is left, but it moves as soon as you put your hands by hand) While doing so, I think that it will be easy if you align at the end.
? Due to the vibration of VANVAN, I do not know whether it is due to installation, Crack has occurred on the Large scale considerably in the Screw fastening part of Screen. There is no such thing as wobbling or it seems to be broken so I will continue to use it as it is.
? HandlebarWound for prevention and rust prevention 0. I'm installing a 5 mm thick Rubber in between.
■ Rectifying effect
? There is sufficient rectification effect. The wind pressure from the chest is considerably reduced.
? There seems to be no unpleasant resonance blur as heavy Merit.
? I do not like Screen entering Large in the field of view while driving, so I think that it is the best size in terms of the balance between visibility and rectification effect. If you want to prioritize the rectification effect, it may be better to use Large Screen.
■Cost performance■
? Although the price is cheap, detailed Crack has occurred as described above. It will be best if you keep it like this for another few years. At the moment we will be ☆ 4.

After installation in ADDRESS V 125 G, it suddenly disconnected at 5,123 km. It was the moment we opened Axel as we came down the slope. At first, I did not understand what happened, but even though I opened Axel, I just got Engine sound and the Tire did not turn around, it was judged that V Belt was out. Opening Crankcase and looking at it, the uneven Rubber part crumbled away and it was discovered that Belt was torn. OEMBelt said that it was enough to run even 25,000 kilometers but it would run out at 5 thousand kilometers, which is beating. Sorry though driving feeling was not much different from OEM. Cost performance is not good. It was just a year after wearing it. Belt was crumbling inside, but the debris was not stuck somewhere and the Large was durable.

The mirror glass came off upon unwrapping the product. I felt quite disappointed as although the product was cheap, parts are not supposed to fall apart even before any use. I have a feeling that the mirror will not last very long.The finishing is not fine and there are many rough edges.

Very Happy with the parts I received. Except I didn't get all that I ordered. I didn't get the center part with the 3 openings in it. You don't have to bother sending it, as I am not taking the whole thing off to change that 1 part. I'm very happy with the color of the parts. Not happy that it took 3 1/2 hours to change them with 2 of us working together.

Purchase for rust prevention & rust hiding of Spoke part of FTR 223.
Although it requires some hang for installation, it is not difficult.
In the case of Type with no gap at the intersection of Spoke, you can not install it without processing Pipe. *I gave up.
This time, I bought two colors, White and Black, but White will soon get dirty. It is useless because it is a destiny of White color.

Overall the satisfaction of Large, the atmosphere of Motorcycle will change!
It is also a recommendation for those who do not want to change Motorcycle from prototype! Of course not regular rust is not possible so regular maintenance is necessary.

There is no way to comment. Screw This is the lowest item whose hole position is not aligned. Screw Because holes are not aligned, we can not evaluate it. I think that you can see similar comments even if you look at other people's impressions. I am in this experience "Ai-net" I think that the product will not be purchased in the future and I think that I feel bad whenever I see this Manufacturer item at one of the Motorcycle Supplies Store.