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I searched for USB power supply for charging mobile phone I found a stylish feeling item I tried purchasing thinking that I will also refresh around Handlebar.
Parenthesis was good if I added Red color (^_-)

This is very easy to install that need about 10 min and also this is stable than before. I give this 5 star. Hightly recommend.

This time, I left it for a car inspection, but it seems that it will not pass in the state where only this item is caught and wired. As a result, due to the generation of expensive wages, it is troublesome at the time of vehicle inspection, but it seems better to pull out Wiring.
Others are not written in the Instruction Manual, but those who punctured about two places to make the Guard pass through Wiring seem to be refreshing.
Appeal is effective for oncoming vehicles, etc.

Used at CB 1300 SUPER BOLDOR.
Installation, look, feeling of use and
Basically I am satisfied..
There is a sense of SMART after installation.
Performance is unchanged from other companies' products.

Among many Radiator guards made of perfective mesh boards, this product is excellent in design property and satisfied with texture is high
To install it Side cover Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It is necessary to remove it.. It is easy if you put Bolt tightly
However, it fought quite a hard time (Instruction Manual is not attached, so after confirming with official HP and installing it
I think it is good, but this is also unkind and difficult).
Once installed it is a word of Cool. Because the strength is as it is, things are bumping
I think that there is no problem.
It is 3 to 5 thousand yen higher than other products, but I am extremely satisfied. And the temperature in the summer is worrisome.

It is an exchange from KIJIMA.
It does not bulk or something better fit. Good texture, with a one year warranty, but regrettable that the price is high.

It installed in TRACER.
Although installation, Screw's precision or Material is one more, and it is retightened with Hexagonal Wrench
Then the Screw's mouth will collapse and the tool will not come out.
Screw lock agent is included but it is included, so there is no need to purchase separately.
It can be installed with Hexagonal Wrench 1 pc.
Other than that it is generally satisfactory, and Coloring is also not noticeable.
After installation, the feeling of grounding improves considerably.
TRACE tends to be heavy on top, but because it is Side Stand with that few ground contacts
I feel more comfortable.
Although it is good as a whole, this evaluation was made on the quality and price of Screw.