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Currently installing on gs 1000
This time I bought it for Z1
I recently got a lot of Parts for CRcarburetor
Of course I think that electric control will also change dramatically
I do not like pretending to stick sideways
M Nozzle alone is satisfied privately!

It is also stable even at Throw of 1000 revolutions
Axel When you can open it all at once, it will not be CUB
With M Nozzle just input it feels like a performance quite close to FCR Carburetor Body
I like the retro atmosphere of CRcarburetor but I think the performance is TMR or FCR Carburetor Body Selection It is the most recommended part for those thinking!

Manual was not attached, but as I examined with Net there were many, so I was able to replace it safely
I can not feel bad about performance
Small raw machine is almost NORMAL (Exhaust System and carburetor exchange degree) So I think that performance has not been demonstrated

FCR Carburetor Bodycarburetor 's Spring is heavy and changed to Low RateSpring and the Throttle Wire also changed together and it is light and surprised?
Long distance Touring will not bother me.

Z, GS series Mania is unknown to us Shimei Shiba Wire
Carburetor setting Mamefuba Quality starts with this Wire exchange.

Throttle 's lightness, Smooth changed dramatically because it was pretty much used.
Since we are wearing a YB hanger, we select things of 1000 mm.

I made it to the matching Manufacturer with Neck warmer
I like Design with Japanese pattern, but I want a little more thickness for winter
Next time I want a different coloring.

It is used for TMR.
Was it a little lighter when it stopped after the exchange?
It is clear that good things are good when you start running.
Since basically Friction is considerably reduced
Accelerator Wire handling is handlebar exchange etc etc. If you use something that will cause more bending by all means
I think that you will feel more effective.
Although it may be a high class as Wire, I think that it is a valuable commodity over the price.

I use it as Jet helmet Main.
Nice thing
(1) Make well, FIT feeling well
(2) Buckle is easy to use
(3) Design is good
In a bad place
(1) Sunglasses rises up along the shape as the gap where the handle of the Sunglasses enters is Small.
(2) Ear is too late to hear surrounding sound.
Good place There are both bad places, but I think that the good part is winning because I use it even if I say it somewhat.

It took quite a few days from ordering to arrival. "Will it really arrive?" I also thought (Lol) it arrived safely. I think that Design is also very good. For me just a little Size felt Large gloomy.