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Good-Stage memproduksi knalpot full system original untuk skuter. Knalpot Good-Stage memiliki silencer dengan desain menawan sehingga motor Anda akan tampil lebih unik dan mewah.

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Ulasan Produk Good-Stage

Although I was slightly worried because I attached RENAISSA in the first place for SR
Especially it was able to exchange well without any interference
The steplessly adjustable Pre-road is set at 20 mm from Lock nut Set

I understand that the suspension is working firmly. It was a good shopping if I was 30,000 in Sale
Spring chose Yellow color, but he also seems not to be on the car body

There is only Rear shock of 30,000 yen range, and the performance is quite good. Even this is good for the waist. Moreover, I think that the point which can be set finely is Large. I have only adjusted its hardness yet.

Although it is installation, it is necessary to change it because the hole diameter of the upper Color does not match. In addition, although the hole diameter on the lower side is correct, since the length is different, Stepped Collar was separately prepared and installed.

The point which I became concerned is where the paint is a little peelable.

I purchased 350 mm of the same series, but the basic place is the same even at 340 mm so I will impress.

The texture is reasonable. At first glance there is no cheapness. There is no sense of discomfort at all as coloring also matches BENLY 50 S.
Because BENLY 50 SOEM is 340 mm, Rear has gone up a bit, but Spring is so soft that there was almost no difference in posture. Conversely, there is a possibility that it drops at 340 mm. Because it is OEM 330 mm with CUB, 340 mm may be just right.

Spring is soft, but attenuation is working, so Gap also makes a restless move without bouncing. Very comfortable ride.
Also, even if stepping on the Gap during Cornering, the car body can not rampage so you can rest assuredly..
While I am busy, I am running and running..
There is no complaints for this performance at this price.

Although it is for MC18, since the total suspension length and the installation Bolt diameter are all the same, it can be mounted with Bolt-on with complete machining.

Unlike the OEM of 30 years ago, it is a drastic change.
The car height, Initial, Damper are also adjustable and satisfied.
Especially it's attractive to be able to adjust the car height.

Although MC 16 is downward in Rear, the 5 mm suspension height has been increased from the initial setting of MZ 366, and about 40 mm Rear has increased in the vicinity of Axle.

This is the same as the setting of the Rear of NSR 250 RK at that time (RK further puts out the protrusion of Front about 10 mm, it goes further downwards. Although the Rear tire diameter is different from RK)

I think that preference can be divided for suspense characteristics, but it is more than enough for Touring and Circuit runners.

Overall, I think Cost performance is very good.
The look is also GOOD.

OEMShock purchased by Oil leaked earlier was fixed, so when I looked for new items this time, I found something cheaper than OEM. Purchase because OEM Parts Number was already worried about internal Oil degradation due to 20 years of vehicle since the end of production. In the sale state whether it matches K100, because Spring was a hard feeling, relax a little, use a little strengthening Dumping. Whether the NORMAL so far went on, the running posture rose a little behind, and it was fun to run and run even with full Tan condition. It is a troubling place because I feel more of Spring's Front in Front and I do not want to spend so much money.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
I adjusted the Pre-road of Sus in NORMAL 's Shock and enjoyed Winding, I got a bottom push at Gap and I felt the limit at NORMAL "YSS WIS SPORTS LINE [GSeries 362]" I bought. YSS's Shock is also attached to ST 250 and I was quite satisfied so I purchased it for CB 400 SF with confidence.
【How was it actually used?】
It will supple and work Quick for my expectation. I think that there are many more good products made by other companies, but I am awarded Gold - In terms of performance also say "YSS" is just right, it is a product with high satisfaction.
What I bought this time is "GSeries (with Reserve tank)" However, in "improved type" the extension side damping force : 25 steps - The compression side damping force : It was Type which can set 30 stages. Dial's click feeling has been improved from the past, "Snap" And you can set it firmly. I was able to give a roughly convincing Setting with Touring of the other day. It is natural that work conditions are different from NORMAL, but itching can be adjusted, so it is now possible to travel even more pleasantly with Touring and Widing.
【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
Installation is easy! Bring Jack to the reverse side Frame of Side Stand, float the rear wheel, only to replace it. I have exchanged in about 20 minutes.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
There is no problem in terms of performance, but unfortunately Quantity : When 1 pc out of 2 pc sinks across Motorcycle "Kyoto!" And Small is crying ... I will consult this point with Manufacturer.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
Although I am satisfied with the change in Large in terms of performance, I feel a bit sorry for being honest just as I trust YSS for the noise I wrote in the previous item ....
【Have you compared items?】
The company's advanced Grade [ "366" Spindle Rod φ 16 mm - Mount : BearingMount】 and 【OHLINS : Rear Suspension Legend / Twin】 finally examined.
From now on I am looking forward to packing the setting! Because I am Touring and Winding Main, I am fluffy with this product Large. It seems to be enjoyable even by Circuit!

Excellent product. Since change with YSS suspension.Have comfortable when cornering. Compare with Ohlins product is my secondary choice. Valuable and performance.

YSS's Rear shock is put in this,. The variety and price of the Lineup Lineup are attractive, Brand is safe because it also firmly follows after follow. Because it is a replacement from OEMShock which kept using for several decades, after racking it is good and the ride is satisfied satisfactory riding.