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GRONDEMENT is producing parts for customizing big scooter, mini scooter or 4MINI. This shop develops the products completely and realizes high performance and reasonable price

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I call it the thickness of appearance and think that a feeling of weight is an existing muffler.
If it is four strikes truly in the sound of a heavy low rather than calling it loud sound.
Good point thickness is pleasing above all.
Since there is also no contact with the road surface in a curve although the long wheel base is carried out, management of an exhaust pipe is safe.
If OK since the clearance between a hose and an exhaust pipe also has those [ enough ] who consider clear-ization of a radiator hose.
He is also KEIFAKU and he plans to make it SUKESUKE.
a bad point -- especially, nothing.
In the case of muffler exchange, the set of a main jet also carries out the recommend of the purchase simultaneously.
Since the filter is also changed, naturally he is required.
It is also one of the pleasure to issue setting by oneself.

Ued this for CA4AA Suzuki Lets. Old belt was stretched, and sccoter didnt go more than 53 km/h. Now its 62 km/h. Quality looks good. Time will show durability.

The size is perfect so I think that installation is quite difficult unless you grab hang.
That finished product is a good product without Wrinkle.

OEM's VTR 250's Seat is hard and painful, so Urethaneetc. I adjusted it and it deteriorated while buying it. Although I thought that it is hard to work because impression that I purchased it did not have a mold, unexpectedly the fabric was softened many times and adjusted and it gradually became familiar with the warmth of my hands. Put it down overnight and put a light squeeze again and testRAN done. Once I got on Touring to GW and confirmed Fitting again a little deflection came out so we planned to finish the adjustment at the point where the growth stabilized for a while. Hang of the tightening method temporarily fixes the front side of Seat only at both ends, semi-fixes the Tandem side of Seat, temporarily fixes the SIDE part to trace shape, and makes the whole circumference Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Hitoshi etc. While tightening while stretching, during this time Tucker fixed and unfastened repeatedly readjusted. I think that it is important to judge that the elongation of the dough will stabilize after a long time. Finally, the usability is normal fabric and EmbossSpec. I was worried about which to do, but Emboss has a moderate Grip feel and feels good. This maker purchased ordinary fabric for CUB, but the fabric was still thick and slippery. I think it is a correct answer for Emboss. It is only after durability.

When changing the Locke number, troubles were suffered a little.

I am impulse buying.
I do not plan to go to Touring with my dog, but I'd like to put it in a room as a custom painted object and keep it on the Helmet holder as an amulet.

Commonly used for about 10 years, commuting - For myself - For Tandem people,
Three are in use.

There is no need for a separate key, unlike the lock on the body,
Since there is no choice of a fixed part, it is stooped frantically and it is not necessary to operate,
Very useful.

Lock Number Solid difference of the feeling of the part,
Although there are things that are slightly moving, we are generally satisfied.

Above all, it's cheap..

In August 2017, we purchased Helmet, which arrived in August 2015. Two years have passed
Manufacturer It is strange that I sell it as an order. If it is cheaper than others, I can endure, but the price is not special cheap, and Helmet should stop buying it on Wa Big. It is the worst that 2 years passed by Manufacturer by new article will arrive.