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Produk-produk MADMAX terdiri dari bodywork, knalpot, lampu, dan masih banyak lagi, untuk berbagai model motor seperti motor supersport, moge, minimoto, cruiser, dan lain-lain. MADMAX tidak hanya menyediakan part untuk modifikasi, namun juga untuk pengganti.

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Ulasan Produk MADMAX

Structure is also solid and it has as a reserve.

Right [ of the optimal and the fitting ] is carried out to a reserve, and it is 縲?

It purchased as an object for exchange of a grand axis.
Purer [ black ] on a photograph.
The bottom is a purchase.
Although attachment is OK, die length is a little short.
Since there was nothing in a conformity vehicle type, it is natural.
Since the hand is small, my furniture is good.
I also want the left.

The exhaust quality is very nice, welds are clean, paintjob-coating is also good for the start - I have sent it to ceramic coating after some time of use. Fitting to bike is no problem at all, no need for special tools or help. The sound of the exhaust is low noise on the smaller REVs but going up to 4000-5000 REVs gives You a racing roar not to mention 7000 and over when it just screams "MORE !!!" hehe. Very happy with the performance especially with open pods.

I bought a set to use as a smaller replacement for the original blinkers on my W650. The quality is very good, especially for the price, and the appearance is excellent. My only wish is that a 3-wire was available for the front, but since I can live without the front running lights, I am completely satisfied with the product and with Webike's service.

I used it to change Seat of SEA BASSDF 200
Although it was the first Seat Replacement, it was possible to change it without problems.
Just my arm is immature, but Seat's warped part can not fit well
I have become a Wrinkle by all means.
Heat gunetc. If you pull it while warming at
Because I did not have those tools I give up and I am on a ride while I can do Wrinkle
Sitting comfort etc. There is no particular problem

I got to try it because it's getting colder
Large Osaka textile material

The installation itself is easy and the cord is fixed by inserting the Grip and Brake lever through the hole
I only fix it with a string so I do not mind it because I do not care if I get warmer as it gets warmer anyway

Even with bare hands in the daytime it is not cold at all
It's cold at night and the surroundings of Handlebar are cold so we only ride with thin gloves but it's still not cold at all.

On the Axel side, since the installation hole of Handlebar Cover was expanded with Scissors, a draft is entered
Originally wind does not enter at all so even bare hands can ride at all.

It is somewhat inconvenient that it is difficult for Passing and Blinker operations to operate on the structure and not reaching Hazard, but you can compromise.
After that the winter can be overcome even if the lower half of the body is managed somehow.

Since the heat dissipating fan is in front, there seems to be a vehicle type that can not be installed spatially, but the XR 230 was affordable.
On the contrary, because Cowl back is clear, I think that it is good for Off car without Space.
Brightness is also necessary enough and I'm almost satisfied.