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NIKOKUDO menyediakan riding gear dengan desain khas Jepang yang dibuat dengan bahan berkualitas tinggi dan cutting khusus yang mampu memberikan proteksi lebih bagi Anda.

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I made it to the matching Manufacturer with Neck warmer
I like Design with Japanese pattern, but I want a little more thickness for winter
Next time I want a different coloring.

I use it as Jet helmet Main.
Nice thing
(1) Make well, FIT feeling well
(2) Buckle is easy to use
(3) Design is good
In a bad place
(1) Sunglasses rises up along the shape as the gap where the handle of the Sunglasses enters is Small.
(2) Ear is too late to hear surrounding sound.
Good place There are both bad places, but I think that the good part is winning because I use it even if I say it somewhat.

It took quite a few days from ordering to arrival. "Will it really arrive?" I also thought (Lol) it arrived safely. I think that Design is also very good. For me just a little Size felt Large gloomy.

Because there was no Jacket for spring and summer, I was looking for various Manufacturer's Jacket.
Mine style white version, I bought it cherry blossoming at first sight.
Large I'm satisfied.. Breathable well, I enjoy the summer in Shinshu.

Since the Size has worn 26.5 usually, it chooses 26.5 as it is.
I fitted exactly.
> -- or [ that the direction since I think that it is up to persons well, after actually wearing is good ] -- ?
-- the Size came out as it is and, in my case, was nice. How to stop the metal fittings of the
> tiptoe is some. --

Probably, it is [ about ] good for me, when
Riding on a Motorcycle, although the showy past kana ? was also thought in me of uncle Rider! ^^. A Japanese style handle is great.