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PROTOOLS menyediakan berbagai hand tool atau perkakas untuk mekanik profesional. Produk PROTOOLS sangat direkomendasikan untuk maintenance sehari-hari hingga modifikasi.

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-- PROTOOLS:super tie down belt (with ratchet function) product number: -- two TOOL037 merchandise-information goods details set belt width: -- 25-mm overall-length: -- it is a high-class type with a 1600-mm ratchet --

It was an obvious defective item though a car shop who I am always using also confirmed it. We said that defective products are unusual with Special Tool. It was a surprise that there was a defective item with a tool just passing Screw through the iron Plate because it was a Manufacturer name which seemed to be solid firmly. Well it is unlikely that it will not be perfect by that, but it will not feel like sending something new somehow, since I contacted it to return it. Send it back here and send it to Manufacturer for inspection. Result The product was defective. Then it may take two weeks for Gold to return. One week has already passed since that contact. It is LargeDamage for hobby Motorcycle messing. Efforts to make work hours and efforts to make work on never trying to maintain things Or was it thought about making a change in Gold monetary terms. I'm sorry I'm sorry I do not care why this System is sorry but I will write it if there is such a case.

Large is about a child's chair,
It is exactly good Large Kimono for maintenance of Motorcycle.
It is completely different if there is this or not.
Work has become quite easy.
I think that it is not a product to be damaged by purchase.

For exchange of Air valve, I thought that it was quicker to use the exclusive one, I tried using. The engagement with Valve and others worked well. After that, I thought that work was completed by raising Valve in the Valve hole in Wheel, and the Wire connected with Valve got out of the hole of the Gold genus that embedded the wire. The part that connects Valve and Wire is Large durable but the connection with Gold genus that pulls in the bottom is sweet, it pulled out with full power, the force can not fit in. In addition, I wanted you to raise the strength of this part and make a product that will not come out, I was dissatisfied with the overall evaluation.

I bought this item and thought it was a must have item when I was traveling. At least it helped me feel comfortable. When the tire leak I can easily repair my own tires from the tire repair kit.

There is also a pour spout, buy from this O size of ForkOne Side think that this size is good.
With STAND, the Level of Oil quantity can also be confirmed by letting go, and using it, there was no problem as a function.

It purchased in PZ28 carburetors.
Although a photograph is a pack, it goes into a plastic case exactly and is easy to select it.

I had to process the Harness in order to take a signal from the ECU, but as I was worried about having to finger with it being attached to the car body, I knew that there was a special tool to cut the covering and purchased did

- 0 by sqSize. 2 to 6. It is possible to cut the cover up to 0. In addition to Harness itself Cut and crimp can also be done ... probably not used ( - ω - )
- Spec. I do not know if it is a price or a price, but the side sandwiching Harness and the side of cutting do not move at the same time, and the side of Cut moves late
- There are two Springs for opening and closing, there are holes to catch the protrusion and the other on the back, so grasping the Grip is somewhat consolidated

- Try it 0. 3 sq and 0. When I saw the Harness of 5 sq in between, I was able to cut the coating so as to get through with the sponge. Electric Works Pliers did not cut the cover easily, so I was touched by the presence of such a convenient tool
- In Electric Works Pliers, in addition to the process of pulling the cover after sandwiching Harness, the core wire is also damaged and the finish is not Beauty. If it is a Wire stripper, it will be finished in Beauty just by inserting it, and work speed will also rise
- Cut side will move behind late, if you do not grasp it firmly it opens without bite Harness and fails to cut the covering. Left hand opposite to dominant hand gripped remarkably when grasping by hand
- WiringCut of the ECU which is also the purpose of purchase ... Although it was hard to work due to the recessed place, it was able to safely caut and it got a signal