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R&G memproduksi cash protector yang seringkali digunakan dalam berbagai event balapan, seperti The Isle of Man TT, BSB, atau WSB. Selain untuk balapan, crash protector buatan R&G juga dapat digunakan untuk motard atau free-style driving.

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I first got to know the existence of Exhaust Guard by looking at Twitter.
Actually, I got stuck up the other day, after a little scratching the Exhaust System, how can I hide it? How can I hide a new Exhaust System? I was worrying about it, but it is settled with this product

The item is to stop with the Bolt made of Gold genus from the back, but the item that I received is a thing to stop from the table, Bolt was Plastic instead of Gold genus.
That's too bad.

I was able to install it to the CB1000R 2018 formula perfectly.
In the first Custom after car delivery, the damage of the Radiator core at the destination is fatal, so we installed it as top priority.

Tie Wrap Fixing in the top two places. One lower part is stopped by Screw. It is easy to install.

I purchased to remove footpeg as it does not Tandem.
It is obviously insufficient in strength compared with OEM. Shaking the Silencer makes it easy to go guagnaggia.
Although I have something to do with Gignhagna, it does not become a big problem ? ? ?
After all the OEM is robust making.
If you are concerned about strength, please buy OEMExhaust System Hanger from ZX - 10RR.

Personally I did not like Design written as ZX - 10R very much.
I wondered whether to paste or shave Seal, but sold each vehicle.

It is attached to GSX-R1000R L8.
Reference video
https : / / youtu. be / XrgmumR8ZNE
It took 1 hour and 30 minutes when I noticed the time,
There is no difficult part just by being troublesome.
Although it is an overseas product, Japan's License Plate is also attached.
Speaking of luxury, not diverting NORMAL's Blinker,
I wish I had prepared Small.

Although a full-scale forest road will not go, I often go for cruel roads so I often go there
Because I am rolling well on the road with rock falls etc.
If it hits the Radiator ? ? I thought that I wear it.
Installation is a little hard to enter Screw but comes with no problems.
There is only a flowing stone only and it is pitifully. ? ? It is inconspicuous.

This time it was not included in the enclosed License Plate Light so in this evaluation.
Installation was easy. Large is durable if you do not care about the details.

So I got this universal mesh radiator guard as an alternative to the pricier, bike specific ones. I'd say the quality is good and easy to install. Just measure your radiator and cut to size. All you need are some heavy-duty shears (I used tin cutters). Did a little trimming at the corners and it fit perfectly. The only complaint I have is the included zip ties are too big for the holes so I had to use much smaller ones. Hope it holds up.