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r's gear

r's gear memiliki moto untuk selalu menyediakan produk dengan kualitas dan performa terbaik. r's gear menawarkan berbagai produk sparepart motor termasuk di antaranya knalpot titanium untuk motor besar dan juga bracket stang untuk mempernyaman riding Anda.

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yo which is a very beautiful muffler

笙ェ appearance and sound are [ 笙ェ ] the highest

笙ェ appearance and sound are [ 笙ェ ] the highest

I was able to install Smooth with polite construction (Even at Kawasaki Plaza Wyvern was told that they just saw an exhaust mani - ously told Manufacturer)
Because it is Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence, the sound is real to quiet.

Since it was heard that car height is high when R1200GS of Premium line, and Side Stand of NORMAL heard that the tilt is Large, install it at delivery.

It became wide, and it came to be able to be stopped securely without stopping even when stopping at a parking lot which is not paved.
Since installation is also very simple, we recommend it to all Riders on R1200 GS ride.

However, even if I purchase Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence, the certificate of Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence is not enclosed.

It takes 3000 yen to get it out again

I would like you to respond even from now

Because it is Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence, the sound is very quiet.
I can hardly hear the sound when I run around 50?. The sound while driving is the sound of tototo. The sound of Idling is heavy and crispy but it is parasis when running..
Silencer part is big.
Exhaust pipe is a different material called Plating, Silencer is Stainless Steel, so when it gets burnt, Exhaust pipe and Silencer will be different colors.

It is Return Rider after 15 years. Calm down to 30 late, I want to ride a lot with Parenthesis! So I thought of BEET Nasato and Posh's Exhaust System to be a messy mecha. Although I listened to disappointing sounds on YouTube, I do not understand well unless I am real sound again, So, it is the impression of R'sGEAR that I chose,
Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence As a thing Large strange Large It is satisfactory. When Idling, it does not cause annoyance to neighbors, but I firmly battle! I feel exhaust and exhaust. Accelerated sound during running is comfortable enough to make no sound fatigue I can tour it while feeling I'm running.
More than anything Please regard it as.
I With this Exhaust System Really good ??