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Still can't get my pictures to load which is becoming regular which means I can not show how cool the sticker looks on the little old, well pretty new actually, Grom. I did have one of these up on the petrol tank however I have now changed the cover for another chromed one from Webike so it is time to add the sticker somewhere else and I thought the rear pillion pad would be a good spot. Shame my photo will not load to show it on the bike. Anyway it's a funny little decal and makes people laugh when they read it.

Durability is now strong enough for Large.
I like Design.
When purchasing, please check to make sure it is not MSX or Grom.
I purchased Grom.

Rightly or wrongly the Japanese people have not necessarily been known for their sense of humour however this sticker shows that at least someone, well a couple people at least, clearly have a sense of humour! Firstly the person that came up with the idea for the sticker and then their supervisor who would have been shown it and agreed with it and signed it off for production! When I saw it it made me laugh straight away and I just knew I had to have one for my Grom and I knew exactly where it would go. Right where everyone will see it, on the tank! The only disappointment was that from the listing I presumed there were two stickers as the page details showed two stickers side by side, suggesting two in the pack, but it turned out to only be one. But hey ho, it is still as funny as you know what. So well done Webike for finding it and stocking it. Good move.

Great traction of the dry Clutch plates. Better boost of clutch and power delivered. Installation takes about 30minutes

Peeled serious precaution Seal that was originally pasted and replaced it.
Design chose GROM rather than MSX.
I think that there is no effect on anyone trying to Prank to Motorcycle, but Design is cute so I'll paste it.