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STOMPGRIP menyediakan traction pad atau grip untuk meningkatkan daya cengkram Anda saat berkendara. Traction pad dari STOMPGRIP membuat berkendara lebih nyaman, tidak mudah lelah dan Anda pun akan dapat mengendalikan motor Anda dengan lebih baik.

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Ulasan Produk STOMPGRIP

It attached to GSX-R1000.
Since it had ridden in the jeanses usually, it purchased in order to prevent sliding in front at the time of a cornering and breaking.
An effect is greatest and it becomes easy to carry out a knee grip.
Since he bought a transparent type, air enters a little.
Those who care had better buy the blacker one.

Although it still straddled and only checked, it grips considerably.
It is likely to be considerably effective to a circuit run.
It worries about whether neither a leather suit nor pants are worn.

Although this was the first time that it rides on SS, when he got tired, the back was extended and it had become the disgraceful appearance which leans on a tank.
It thought that it was because the knee grip probably is not stable, and purchased this product.
An effect can be run now in the form stable even if it was large and he got tired.
Although it is parts of the smaller one, it is the touch which is unnecessary for the moment.
Kana which will be used for another motorcycle ....

Because TankGrip has no other products to choose from, we can not compare and Motorcycle supplies are generally expensive so we do not want COSPA but it is expensive anyway.
The GSX-R which I was riding in before was able to make a perfect Knee grip, but at S1000 RR it has almost no effect.
It is not due to this product that the position to paste is limited because of Motorcycle Design, but it is a feeling that I honestly wear it by fashion rather than by function.
Even if this product comes to me, I will not buy it but this time it will remain as raw.

I can firmly hold the car body, once I attach it can not stop. It must be attached for 72 hours after installation, it can not be firmly bonded. Especially in the summer, it is not a problem even if not putting so much time, but when installing in the winter, we recommend you to warm it with Heat gun and then install it.

Used in GSX-R600 K9.

These Pads are various in each Manufacturer
Large body [Color] Although it was Clear, there were many places difficult to match with the car body
Manufacturer here also has a setting for Black
It was Don Pissha for my own car that had been hardened with almost black.

Usability is ? ? ? Well, I guess this is something like.
Since we also incorporated Rear Sets almost at the same time
Is it the benefit of Position change
I did not know whether it was the benefit of Pad.

However, "As it is" There is a sense of Hold in
It goes without saying that it became easier to run.

We ship same day and correspondence perfectly!
The product itself is also good in appearance, the function is also perfectly fulfilled with Dress-up and functional aspects.
It is highly recommended as it also comes out for various car models!

I am a beginner at Motorcycle.
After delivery, the first Custom? Haha
I enter the air etc.
I did not want to put a Small scratch on Tank
Installing. Try it on ,,,
Somehow Parenthesis nice ,,.
I feel satisfied with feeling like!
The price should be about 3, 4000 yen ~
Large I was satisfied!