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TAKUMI motorcycle cover

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Y's Gear's Motorcycle Cover began to rain in less than two years, so I replaced it.

It is about twice heavier than Y's Gear. So when you are walking around or stowing it will be Large strange.
On the other hand, the quality is much better, the fabric becomes much thicker and you can expect waterproof nature.
Also the CoverReverse side is soft, it feels like a blanket.
Naturally Motorcycle exterior is not scratched easily, here is particularly good.

The place to worry is, Slit for lock.
I know the position of the Slit in Yellow color immediately before but I can not see the black on the back.
I also wanted to make it look like a flashy color and make it soon (I can see immediately before and after Cover itself).

It's about a month since I bought it, so I do not know the durability but I am satisfied at the moment.
Because the price is high, if the parking space has a roof or windproof property
I think that I do not need such high quality.

I attached a Pannier case, but since I did not know at all whether or not other Cover would fit, I turned to a craftsmen.
Because it is in use, I do not know the durability, but Size perfectly, fluttering is completely problematic as it can fasten the front and rear wheels and the body with a cord.
I can catch only one week, but I do not feel the humidity is gathering a few days after the rain.
Whether Repeat is done when it hurts, it is honestly subtle because the amount of the Gold stretches.

With 2018 Ninja 1000 Pananier case it was perfect with LLSide box.
With a Side box, I checked various sites, but I could not have confidence, but the sense of Size is perfect.
As it is raining soon, waterproof nature and long-term use comments will also be posted at a later date.

I was using it in a parking without a roof, but when I removed Cover after rain, both the Motorcycle and the inside of the Cover were always in a condition wet.
Looking at the wetting way of Motorcycle, it seems that the whole is covered with moisture condensation rather than rain infiltrated,
When riding the next day of rain, we start with wiping up condensation on the car body.
Ventilation holes around the position of Handlebar do not work at all.
In the vicinity where the Exhaust System hits, the inside seems to be a heat-resistant material, but it began to be torn in about a year.
With this performance, durability, this price is too high.
quality - The three-dimensional star of texture is an evaluation of only the solid inner nonwoven fabric that covers the Upper Cowl from Screen.

I will tell you the feeling of use outdoors without a roof.
We are calling for less invasion of rainwater and I did not expect it until Completely Waterproof.
However, since it is a two-layer structure of outer material and lining, soaked rainwater enters between the layers, eventually the Motorcycle also gets wet to the bisho-basho.
In addition, the rainwater that enters does not dry easily because it does not touch the outside air or sunlight between the fabric and the fabric.
With this price at nearly 30,000 yen price, I regret very much that I purchased it.
With this, Che Che Co Cover was enough.
Those who think to use outdoors without a roof, I think that it is better not to be bought absolutely.
As I just started using it, I will review additional durability at a later date.

I just started using it,
Since the string to be turned down under Seat is heat resistant,
It does not melt even if you hit the Exhaust System and it is good.
Because it is thick, it is troublesome for storage place when removed
There are no particular elements to be particularly interested in Large.

I was using the Cover that was used for the previous vehicle so far, but because it became noticeable as dirt and tear, it decided to replace.
This time, I emphasized on replacing scratches on vehicles etc. when hanging Cover etc.. It is hard to enter.
In various colors, TAKUMI Bike Cover used different materials for Inner and Outer, so the Wound seemed to be entering and I made it the first candidate. The problem is that the price is a bit high.
The second option is to purchase the Inner cover, and then multiply the Cover that you used until then.
Although this is cheap, it is necessary to hang two pieces of Inner and Outer each time. Also, as the Outer will remain ragged look like it is, he decided to go with the first candidate quietly.
TAKUMI Bike Cover arrived has good touch, Inner which seems not to enter Wound in the vehicle and relatively thicker Outer are united and it seems to protect the vehicle firmly.
I purchased this time "LSUPER SPORTS 750" Size is relatively large pattern F4R in SSClass It is ExactlySize so it seems that other SSClass can be used without problems.
Also, Mirror part and car body Rear are equipped with handlebar as a handle, Velcro which can fix Draw cord is attached and it is made to reach the itchy place.
Although the absolute price is high, considering that it covers the large motorcycle, it is satisfactory to say that it can be said to be Reasonable because it is still good with details even with Inner and Outer two pieces.

Since Bike Cover used for 250 KATANA has reached the end of its life, I purchased TAKUMI Bike Cover which is also used for ZEPHYR 1100 for KATANA.
Since 250 KATANA is not described as compatible with any Size, I purchased L Size with reference to other models, but the result was Exactly.
By the way, this Cover is Ver. 2, which seems to have been changed several times than before, but I do not feel that Large has changed qualitatively in terms of performance.
Better than that, I think I wanted the part where the head and the body of Bike Cover were joined rubbed against Fuel Tank and the problem of Wound was solved. After all, as measures against Wound to Fuel Tank, Inner coveretc. I think that it is necessary to use.