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Piston kit (forged) WISECO menyajikan piston pilihan untuk tuning yang dipercaya oleh banyak engine tuners di berbagai negara. WISECO menawarkan piston kit dalam beragam ukuran yang performanya lebih baik daripada piston OEM.

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Because it is before use only for seeing.
Unfortunate point
First of all, PistonTop is a Cut-out scratch as it is. Forged Cut-out Piston is a kind of such a thing? Forged Cut-out Piston It's the first time. I will buffing myself. Edge should not be brushed!
If you touch the Edge of Skirt and Piston Pin's hole with your fingers, it feels like BALI remains slightly. I am going to lightly with a 1500 paper.
good point
Wall thickness around Piston Pin is considerably better than OEM
Since OEM 400 Piston's High-compression is safe!
Forged Cut-out is beautiful.
"I have a forged Cut-out Piston in my Engine," she can grin.
There is no 88 mm in YOSHIMURA.
It is considerably cheaper than YOSHIMURA so it has a sense of affinity.

Stock purchased.
During this year Spec. I intend on doing it.

I appreciate the price.
I'd like to tell everyone if you can try it

O / Because of HSpan's short Engine, it was easy to get it and it was saved.
Loss and deformation are also considered at the time of desorption of the Circlip, so we always make an extra order.

Because these Repair Parts of Hard parts can not be sold
I do not have any stock anywhere and depend on import from overseas,
This time, I could purchase with short delivery date.
From now on, I hope that I will do my best to shorten the delivery date of these Repair Parts.

It is 126cc Engine Displacement VolumeUp from 1188cc of NORMAL to 1314cc.
There is Torque which can not be tasted at NORMAL.
Ring, Pin, Circlip are also attractive to easily obtain.

It is the maximum size that can be used for J / R without a sleeve beating. The wiseco piston was used in order that a genuine OS piston might not come out with the engine OH this time. The cylinder is one sheet, a gasket is for J, and the piston top form is near 73 mm like genuine and four were equal when measure.

WAISEKO of 3.5-mm over was chosen as tuning of z1000j this time.
A piston is overly heavy first.
a zephyr 1100 -- it is heavy even if it compares that it is pure.
Moreover, it was with the rose also about accuracy and weight differences weighed about 2g from 1.
It may be what to say by the quality as a price.
coming to swerve -- it is .
I think that he would like to use per Cosworth, MTC, and JE next time.