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WOODSTOCK mengembangkan proses machining CNC pada suku cadang seperti rearset, bracket lampu, dan bracket knalpot dengan kualitas terbaik dan desain menarik. Performa produk WOODSTOCK telah terbukti kualitasnya di berbagai balapan di Jepang.

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Beautiful and well made exhaust hanger for the ZX12R. Perfect fit. No instructions! The spacer in the kit is used under the bracket, rearmost bolt. Reuse OEM rubber bushings and bolt/nut to attach the muffler (Bushings, bolt/nut not included). Torque to OEM specs.

Previously, I was cheating Bracket at the base of Back Mirror, but I modified this because it is Refreshing.
It is exclusive for drift, so it's pretty battle. I was worried about the color Black, but since Antlion's Handlebar Clamp is Silver, I adjusted it. Polished and dazzling!

CBR 1100XX SUPERBLACKBIRD is excellent because OEMfootpeg is excellent so purchase while feeling the possibility of getting worse when turning on Rear Sets
The result is good
It may depend on your physique, but it did not become evil
I felt hard at first at the beginning, but it became Smooth after a while
Regarding the installation, I got a bit of trouble at Hose on the Tank side of Rear master but if I draw Hose inside Cowl it is almost a pon attachment

09 purchased for zx-6r
I thought that it can be installed because it is the same car body as the basic 6 rr, but the installation itself is no problem
I strongly suggest that the manual is a little unkind.
People who are not used may be in trouble?
When installing it, Brake master falls slightly backward from the position of OEM, so Hose between MASTER and Tank becomes patchpads
If it keeps it someday Hose seems to be off, so I think you should buy a little longer Hose or move the tank position

Well-made, easy to install and strong. Will last a long-time and recommend this part for use on the street or track. It is machined from solid aluminum-stock and anodized black. Uses the stock mounting-screws with a offset-spacer for the rear-screw. No instructions included so use factory torque specifications when mounting.

If the order is 4 / 8, I arrived in the middle of May, I waited for about a month and a half. Nonetheless, woodstock was ordered to wait just because it was a product backed up by a certain technical skill that handled from EngineOH to One-off things, so I was not worried so much that I was kept waiting.

Installation is hard work. Anyhow the way the change rod's handling is too confusing ... It is a mystery why this kind of handling was made, but when I actually do ShakeDown, that stupid Shift touch is not comparable with the STRIKER I used to date.
Knurl processing of Footpeg Bar is also sharp, there is not even a sign of slipping even if knees are rubbed with Racing boots.

The position of the footpeg is slightly ahead of the STRIKER, but rather this position was better suited to the position of the outer leg at the time of Cornering.

The only difficulty is Brake switch ... Why did you adopt this method ... honest Switch seems to be broken soon. I do not know whether Waterproof processing is being applied, so I'm considering it here for a moment.

Another thing is that removal of Side Stand becomes very difficult.
Well be careful You can just habit, but Change rod gets in the way and it's too hard to let go down.

The difficulty is about that, but the rigid feeling while driving is a special thing.

Recommended to those who want a solid Shift touch.

This thing is great in the flesh. Very nice machine work. Fits 100% perfectly. Retain the speedometer while having that racer open sprocket look. Provides some level of foot protection from the front sprocket. Really is a good looking custom upgrade.

Very Clean and factory looking part. Fits perfectly with all the hardware supplied. Helps to prevent the wiring from moving around.