Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Merek Top

I want to thank Webike because it also provides tools that are highly recommended for two-wheeled vehicles. for me this tool is very suitable for use in overcoming bolts or nuts that bind parts. I am very interested in knowing the problem with my vehicle and therefore I bought this tool ... actually this is a very common tool in a motorbike repair shop, only this tool is equipped with a handle collar so that the rod can be easy to rotate. with a size of 3/8 drive I am already very strong to overcome the threaded rod on bolts in low to medium torque. maybe for those of you who can still take your time to just give your motorbike a light maintenance this tool is perfect for early access.

this is a double function rod. where it can be used as an extension bar that can be used with a ratchet handle or a sliding T handle and on the other hand when it is used in sockets, it can be turned by hand like a screwdriver. That's great. and I rarely find drivers with a size of 3/8 sq. but have a square hole on the back. if for the size of 1/4 sq. it is very much and there are several variations and prices worth the manufacturer that make it. It has a nice design too and a comfortable grip so it can be rotated by hand without slippery ... you should have this attachment to work with the 3/8 ratchet handle you already have.