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Merek Top

Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

Nice product,its best for oem replacement hand grips,its soft rubber,non slippery in wet hands,reccomended product

Although it is a reasonably priced grip, in the makeover of a motorcycle, it is an operative outclassing!

It chose by appearance.
A portion black when grasping is collapse.

PRO GRIP:#480 lever-grip product number: -- the vehicle type wide use goods corresponding to 74895 merchandise information -- detailed -- color:red inside diameter: -- 10phi die-length: -- please do not let * solvent adhere 75 mm
- Lever grip which also controls vibration that it is hard to slide.

It purchased to Super duke which feels numbness for a palm.
The type containing a gel is chosen for oscillating mitigation.
Geometrically, it is what is called a barrel type.
It seems that I am not suited although the barrel type was used for the first time.
He attached this grip and he has noticed that it grips centering on the place near the thumb.
Sense of incongruity was felt for the palm, and it was not pleasant and carried out.
A design and structure are good and satisfactory as goods.
He was not only suited.
Since vibration absorption is good truly, I would like to try a straight-shaped thing on entering a gel.

It may be a handle grip of perfect !! Colet, and W650 and W400.
W650 of us is a black handle made from posh.
This Black's handle is equipped with the handle grip made from PMC!! A grip feeling is a little hard touch.
Even if it equips by atmosphere serious consideration, a hard grip feeling may be unable to be denied.
Now, ----TSU, TSU which is good news here!! Standard wearing of a grip like the product here is carried out at the motorcycle called the noted vehicle of the kawasaki of former years.
The product which it is in that here.
It becomes a replica of the handle grip of the kawasaki of antiquity.
In fact.
As kawasaki pure parts, the handle grip with that time is released as pure parts!!! The real which is not a replica,
It is a handle grip of the kawasaki of former years!! *** Kawasaki pure parts number *** #46061-012: RUBBER-R.
H GRIP #46075-017: RUBBER-L.
now ~!!! you -- the product made from PMC, or a kawasaki -- is it pure or which is chosen??? Comparison of appearance.
They are a common design with entire both sides, and a size.
The comparison of a color.
The direction made from PMC is not glossy a little.
The comparison of a grip feeling.
The direction authentic positive in a kawasaki may be suitable for a little soft prolonged run.
The direction made from PMC may be a little inferior to relief of an impact and vibration.
The comparison of a price.
The direction made from PMC is reasonable.
the product made from PMC, and a kawasaki -- pure.
Very best orthodox appearance will be acquired even if it equips the motorcycle of not only a kawasaki vehicle but many with any handle grip!!

It purchases together at the time of grip exchange, and equips.
Since it equips with this, something does not become good, but I think that it will become stupid touch if there is nothing.
We are a cheap thing and recommend you sushi grip and simultaneous purchase.